Google goes head-to-head with Facebook: Google’s plan to build a social network

How to delete Facebook

I’m sure we’ve all used Facebook and Google in our lifetime. These two internet giants (Google being number 1 and Facebook threatening the search giant closely at number 2) were born in my lifetime and now they’re already dominating the online world. And Google won’t put up with Facebook’s rise to power any longer.

Just recently, Pete Cashmore of Mashable wrote an article about Google hatching a plan to put up a social networking site to rival Facebook’s seeming monopoly of the social networking industry.

“How to delete my Facebook”

There is a rise of search trends that people are looking for a way to delete their Facebook accounts. And that, for Google is a business opportunity up for grabs. Facebook has been making tons of money with the data they’re harvesting from people using their social network. This data can be the gold mine for advertisers and internet marketers who are looking for customers and people preferences all over the web.

There can only be no limit to the much-needed data that Facebook holds and businesses all over the world knows that they NEED those data in order to expand and sell well in the online world. So Facebook has taken the throne of data gathering from real people everywhere. And those data that they have ain’t just any data.

Those are data that go to specifics. Like what brand are these group of people buying? What activities are popular in this part of the city? What kind of car are preferred by this group of people? And it can go down to the nitty-gritty stuff too such as what are the usual activities these group of people do during this time of the day? And so on and so forth…

The only ‘personal data’ Giant in town

Anyone can see how powerful Facebook has become in accumulating real data from real people in the real world and now Google wants a piece of that pie. There has been rumors that Google is now developing a social network to rival that of the current social networking giant.

Yeah I know that it seems unlikely that they’ll topple off Facebook but who knows? And there are few options to go as a social networker outside of Facebook.

The users of this new social networking site being developed by Google will most probably be the Facebook drop-outs. A lot of people have issues with Facebook’s privacy concerns. For some people, what Facebook is doing is already a bit more like ‘stealing’ private data that they allow Facebook to ‘privately’ have and blurting it out to businesses or using it for their own money-making purposes.

Facebook ain’t your enemy

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not antagonizing Facebook. I love Facebook and I’m a Facebook user and Facebook marketer as well. It’s just that people are starting to dislike how Facebook is using their power to abuse the data they’re getting from people. And that is a fact. And the scary thing now is: There is no real alternative from the grandeur of Facebook when it comes to social networking.

So Google is now going to capitalize on this chance to catch the Facebook drop-outs into its own up-coming social network. Let’s hope that it’s good and that it can catch up with the constantly changing and updating Facebook. I’m sure to be one of the firsts to register on that social network. of course, not only for personal purposes but for business as well.

New social networks can only mean new opportunities for us internet marketers and SEO specialists.

Tips for Keeps: Keep an eye out for Google’s new social network project. When it comes out, it might be just the thing we’re waiting for to go head-to-head with Facebook. Change in the internet can only mean more opportunities to those who know how to make their way through.

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