How the Google Call Ads Update Can Maximize SEM

How the Google Call Ads Update Can Maximize SEM_Cover Photo

Starting out to advertise on Google is not easy. When you have finally decided on the course that you are going to take with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you have to take it upon yourself to maximize the space that Google has given you. This is also a cost-effective way to advertise because you can make sure that your budget will not burn without cause.

Recently, Google has announced that they have added website links to Call Ads. This ensures that your customers have options to engage with your business aside from picking up the phone to call. What does this mean for your SEM efforts? Find out here!

Website Links to Call Ads Update

Since the introduction of the Call-Only-Ads way back in 2015, this has given marketers the chance to segment the engagement of customers per channel that they are tracking. The call ads only extension gives your contact details in a straightforward manner for customers who would want to talk to your company instantly. This direct approach has done wonders in terms of engaging with customers since they would know how to get in touch with you immediately and in turn, your business can keep track of the conversions that your SEM effort can deliver in real-time.

Here’s the catch, since many customers can see and instantly engage with the contact detail, this proves can risk a high volume of calls. Failing to attend to the queue of calls can mean that customers will not repeat the engagement either because they have waited too long or they cannot reach you at all. Now, with the website links to call ads update coming into play, this gives them the chance to interact with your website instead of calling you up.


Here is the mock-up of the Ad from Google. As you can see it looks like the basic Call Ad format, but with the option to visit the website below. Do take note that this is optional, not mandatory to have. In terms of user behavior, you can predict that they would go into the website and find other ways to address their inquiry. With this, you would not have any bad customer experience under your belt because of calls left unaddressed.


In terms of design, the ad is just a simple one but projecting the results that you can gain from this can give you a new perspective about the way that you strategically create ads for your business.

Business implications for call ad extensions

The visibility that you can gain when you start marketing on the search engine is unmatched. With the right strategy and managed expectations for the ad, you can garner over a million impressions. If you are wondering how this can affect your ad performance and user behavior other than greater visibility, then here are some of the reasons why your business can use this type of extension to your advantage.

Immediate Engagement

The leads you get from your Google Ad can easily convert into a buyer since the visibility of this ad is capable of appearing on most smartphone devices. With this, the leads that are ready to buy will go straight to you. Having this type of ad extension is a no-nonsense approach to marketing since it is a direct approach for customers to get in touch with you.

More Quality Leads

Quality leads are those that engage with your business with a clear intention to buy. Seeing you as the authority of that industry, enough to make them call you, is a huge plus in getting quality leads. The call ad extension can help you see that the customer is willing and able to engage with your business because you already lock in their intention to buy the second they call you. For this section, Google says that “If your business relies on phone calls for new sales, you’ll get fewer accidental calls and more qualified leads.” Having a call ad will help you feel secure in the customer’s intention to buy since they would not dial your number without being interested in what you have to offer.

Increased information channels for customers

The new update validates customer intention to buy because according to Google, “you can now engage consumers who may only be interested in visiting your site, and may not have previously interacted with your brand.” On top of that, you would not fall victim to a bad customer experience because this will lessen the risk of having long hold times. Before talking with them personally, the “visit to website” option can help them browse around and get to know your business better.

Key Takeaway

For businesses that advertise on Google, the end goal is to have leads and convert them into customers. Online visibility is gaining importance now more than ever so it is vital that you maximize your efforts to secure this for your business. With the right tools and strategies, leads and conversions will come naturally to you. The best way to maximize these efforts is to keep track of these updates and see how it would work for your online presence. What are the Google Ads updates that worked for your marketing efforts? Comment down below.

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