Google iOS App Now Supports AMP Alongside Other Changes

Google iOS App Now Supports AMP Alongside Other Changes

Google’s iOS app now finally supports AMP in the search results. It’s been about a year or so since AMP became more widely spread and finally, Google’s iOS app now supports the much-desired feature. Essentially, this means that Apple users now have access to the instant-loading pages whenever they browse the net.

Some concerns that I have heard from people that aren’t too familiar with AMP is that they probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a “regular page” and an AMP. Fear not, for Google’s iOS app will brand AMP content with the all-too-familiar lightning bolt icon that Android users have become accustomed to the past year.

Making Google’s iOS app AMP-friendly is the next big logical step for Google as it has recently been determined that AMP now drives a significant amount of traffic to the top content publishers in the world. Google’s new AMP supporting iOS app will definitely change things up and AMP can only become stronger and more influential over time.

More Changes

In addition to the much-needed integration of AMP, Google iOS received a number of additional features that I think you should know about.

Local search is given more emphasis this time around as users may now search for local establishments AND THEN filter them by “What’s Open” and “Top Rated”. What this means is that it is now easier for users to look for local establishments based on their operating time, how good people think they are and of course, their proximity along with the usual details such as their menu, additional services and the like.

An optional update came in the form of Gboard for Google’s iOS app. What this means is that Gboard is now fully supported by Google iOS whether you have the keyboard on your device or not. Do note that Gboard is a completely optional add-on and you are in no way obligated to use it.

However, if you do enjoy Gboard or if you simply want to give it a try without the need to install it, you can tinker with the settings from the app menu itself.

Key Takeaway

Of course, it’s definitely a good thing for iOS users that their devices now fully support AMP with their searches because they can now get their desired content faster than ever. Another key takeaway, if it wasn’t obvious enough already is that AMP is becoming bigger and bigger every day. More and more content creators as well as “big websites” now have AMP for their content, regardless of its tone or subject.

AMP becoming more widespread is definitely a good thing as it helps the internet move a little bit faster than before. With speed a bigger factor, now more than ever, for your SEO rankings, making your content AMP-friendly sounds good right now, yes? If you don’t have AMP on your website yet, I strongly recommend you install it as soon as possible as you can’t go wrong with delivering content faster to your readers.

Have you experienced AMP on your Google iOS app yet? What are your feelings about this? Let us know in the comments section below!

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