Google Plus Optimization

Google Plus Optimization

Google Plus is gaining momentum now more than ever – especially with the SEO world. It is continuously becoming a major factor – especially now that Search Plus Your World has rolled out. Google Plus Optimization isn’t so far from being an SEO technique that we can all use.

Search Plus Your World has changed the search landscape – making Google + a very powerful factor in Google search. At that, you should really put effort and focus on optimizing your Google Plus. Otherwise, you could get behind the Google shift – from links to social.

For this entry’s purposes, please refer to the SEO Hacker Google Plus Page.

Name / Brand as the Page Title

The name of your Google+ Page will be included in the Title of the page. Again, Title tags are very important and hold considerable weight in on-site optimization. My advice is to put in a casual keyword in your Google+ Page’s Name section. Don’t put keywords that can shame you whenever you will use your Google+ Page account to post a comment on another person’s Google+ posts.

SEO Hacker is fortunate enough to have the word ‘SEO’ on its name – so our Google+ page already has our keyword casually inserted in.

Google Plus Title

Meta Description

The Meta Description of your Google+ Page is the one right below your Name/Brand. You should include your keywords inside to help you rank better for those keywords in Search Plus Your World.

Google Plus Page Description

When people find you in Google, this is evidently what they will see. As of now, SEO Hacker put its company slogan “Be Visible. Get Searched. Let’s Make this Happen.” in its Google+ Page. You can put yours there too.

Introduction Section

The introduction part is the body of your Google + Page. This is where you should put in all the stuff that people will want to know about you. This is also your chance to put in your primary keywords in a way that you can be strategically subtle about it. You can also take advantage of its ability to let you write stuff out in bulleted format to make it more reader-friendly.

Google Plus Introduction


In the photos section, you can put up to 5 main photos that will show up whenever someone looks at your Google Plus Page. Here, you have the chance to upload photos with your keywords in. This will also increase the completion of your profile. I would advise that you put in the most related pictures and not personal ones.

Google Plus Pictures

Your Google+ Page pictures will also appear in the new Search Plus Your World’s SERP.

Google Plus Page SERP Photos

Recommended Links

This is pretty much a no brainer. The Recommended Links section in your Google+ Page lets you put in any link that you like. In order to optimize your Google+ Page, we advise putting in links that are only directly relevant to your Google+ Page and keywords. Put in links to your other social network profiles, blog, website, resources, etc…

Google Plus Recommended Links

Update Frequently

An update in your Google+ Page every two days can work. As long as people see that there’s something happening on your Google+ Page, it will indicate that you are active. Of course, Google will also notice that something’s cooking in your Google+ Page – and chances are, it will help put you up in Search Plus Your World.

Google Plus Pages Post

Link to your Google+

Putting links to your Google+ Page with your keyword in your anchor text can help boost your Search Plus Your World rankings. It’s basically linkbuilding for your Google Plus Page. Do guest posts with your Google Plus Page link in your author bio with a rel=”publisher” or rel=”author”

 Google Plus Linkbuilding

Promote your Google+ Page

A Google Plus Page is only as good as the people who has it in his or her circles. You have to have people in your niche add you up. SEO Hacker’s Google Plus Page is only so fortunate that a lot of people in the SEO and internet marketing niche included it in their circles. Some of those people also gave us valuable +1’s. I want to personally thank all of you – please make your voice heard in our Google+ page and even our Facebook Groups!

Because of you, SEO Hacker is now in the Top 10 of Search Plus Your World when looking for ‘SEO’.

Search Plus Your World SEO

Disclaimer: I’m using an empty Google Adwords Account for this screenshot. Results might not be the same with your Google Account.

Tips for Keeps: Optimize your Google Plus Page and humbly ask for +1’s if they ‘Like’ your page. Quite ironic, isn’t it?

You can also check out a more complete Google Plus guide for SEOs to add to your Google Plus Optimization knowledge.

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  • Hell Sean. It seems that Google wants to have us do exactly what we’ve been doing on our blogs and social media. ‘m especially referring to seo in your name, a good info page (as with Facebook), all the factors on different social media platforms all rolled into one. Social media prickles like photo, etc. I think it’s clear they want us to com e play on their platform.

    • And as always, since it’s an almost monopoly with Google (and they still do search best compared with the other engines), we have to play their game.

  • First great write and thanks… I Don’t spend much time in G+, I know from a search and findability aspect.. This will hopefully help me spend my time a little more efficiently…

  • I’m sure if a Google+ is highly optimized, there is a great chance to rank the Google search engines. Google always makes it easy for us except of course the previous new algorithm.

  • I feel like Google+ is one of those “cant hurt to try it” sites. I will try to use it best to my advantage for about a year and see if it can lead to sales/publicity, etc for our company. Great article highlighting the key things to do that might lead to the best chance at success with Google+

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  • Google Plus recently launched Google Events. Another great thing for business owners and web owners to make use of this tool for promotions and page updates.

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  • One thing I like about Google+ is that it does not have a community of spammers like that of Facebook and Twitter.