Google Drops Unskippable Ads for YouTube

Google Drops Unskippable Ads for YouTube

Ads are always annoying – especially so if they are unskippable. For the past couple of months, YouTube was plagued by 30-second videos that could not be skipped even if the user is using an ad-blocker.

Chances are, you are annoyed by these ads but you don’t know how to get rid of them. Well, this may be some welcome, good news for you but Google is purging these unskippable 30-second videos from their services. Don’t get me wrong, though. Google will still offer ads due to the fact that it is still one of their biggest sources of revenue.

These changes will surely be welcomed by a majority if not all of the people who use YouTube for whatever reason they may have. YouTube content creators, on the other hand, will remain unaffected due to the fact that ads will still be played on YouTube albeit on a more controlled scale.

What this means for content creators, users and even companies that purchase these ads is that Google is doing everything they can to make ads work for everyone. In short, they’re trying to help everyone win without aggravating any single party.

From what I understand, 30-second videos will still play but they are no longer unskippable. Shorter ads will still play from time to time at the beginning of videos and these are somewhat acceptable for people as they aren’t too annoying.

Google has stated that they are committed to bringing a superior ad experience for users, which is why they will drop unskippable 30-second videos by 2018 at the very least. Google’s thrust will now focus on helping users and advertisers co-exist using a more meaningful way to serve ads.

Of course, we have no idea how Google will do what they want to do so we can only sit and wait for their next update on this matter.

I am optimistic that these changes will happen during the earlier part of 2018 but even if it happens later, I am hoping that Google execute changes perfectly.

Key Takeaway

YouTube is one of the biggest websites on the internet and many people use these services every single day. That is precisely the reason why it is such as ad-perfect website. Creative content creators can earn money doing what they love doing and users can satisfy themselves by watching content that appeals to them. It’s a win-win scenario at least until ads come along.

It is actually easier to earn money from YouTube than you think but it still requires a tremendous amount of effort. One of my most popular pieces here was about becoming successful in YouTube and its SEO. This article was written some time ago but it’s still popular precisely because YouTube remains to be one of the best domains on the internet for content creators.

Ads are definitely “alright” for me because it’s one-way companies and content creators can earn revenue as well as exposure. My main concern, however, is that ads shouldn’t be intrusive but it should be good enough to be noticed.

Do you have any experience with ads and/or content creation that you want to share? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below.


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