Google’s Featured Snippets are Now Made by Artificial Intelligence

Google’s Featured Snippets are Now Made by Artificial Intelligence

Now I know what you’re thinking: Do you seriously expect me to believe that Google now has an Artificial Intelligence writing up their featured snippets for desktop? Yes, it’s really true and it’s happening NOW.

Google’s featured Snippets for desktop will now be presented and rendered fully by a complex artificial intelligence program whose functions they refer to as “Sentence Compression Algorithms” and it recently went live exclusively for desktop.

The artificial intelligence works by sifting through large quantities of text and data to extract the information that you are looking for with precision. The artificial intelligence is augmented by a deep neural network to ensure the quality and reliability of the information that is presented to the user.


Regardless of the results presented here, what’s really fascinating is how seemingly “smart” the AI really is. What it did here is that in a fraction of a second, the AI sifted through an entire article to render and present a swift listing of what you are looking for. I’ve watched or at least heard of these movies and they are all action movies that have made their target market happy. In a sense, these are all “good” action movies that fit my search terms.

Another important thing that’s worth taking note of is that I used a variety of local search engines for this search. In this case, I used the Philippines’ Google search page and I can confirm with certainty that the new AI is mostly up and running on a global scale.

The simple search term that I used has presented us a lot of things to think about. The new AI is definitely effective but Google is still clearly looking for some feedback on their innovative search engine design.

The brand new sentence compression algorithm that recently went up is apparently able to analyze a huge amount of data and text as well as converting them into a short summary that will sufficiently answer the user’s search terms. I say “apparently” in this case because no one has seen a live version of it yet, however it was confirmed by Google to be a part of the new addition to their search engine AI.

The thing about this AI is that it’s not exactly a hundred percent independent yet. Google has reported that they are heavily relying on a team of a hundred or so PhD linguists from all over the Earth in order for them to help the algorithm learn how language works regardless of their region or language.

What this means is that pretty soon, Google’s new AI will start understanding slang terms as well as how some keywords are constructed differently due to regional related reasons.

Google’s long term plans for the AI is relatively ambitious as the project consists of 20 to 30 languages and Google eventually plan for the currently learning assisted AI to become fully automated and independent. In short, their plan for their Man-operated AI is to become something that is capable of what Google refers to as “unsupervised learning’.

Unsupervised learning Artificial Intelligence is something that large industry movers such as Facebook, Google and the like but they are reporting that the realization of this ambition is far from reality because right now, Artificial Intelligence still can not exist, operate and learn without human assistance.

This may sound like something that came out of a science fiction novel but the reality is that it’s already happening today. This is a big milestone with regards to innovation in the realm of technology. This also makes SEO a lot more competitive because pretty soon, Google’s AI will soon be able to determine if you’re churning out quality articles or “spammy articles” – at least that’s how I envision the future to be.

How do you see the future of SEO? What are you thoughts on the new Artificial Intelligence from Google? Let’s talk about it in the comments sections below!

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