How Jasper AI Fares As SEO Copywriting Tool

Jasper AI SEO Copywriting Tool

The rise of everything AI makes it logical that there would also be dozens of AI-powered SEO copywriting tools designed to create content for your blog, social media, and website.

And why not? The amount of content you need to produce to secure that coveted first-page position on the SERPs is unprecedented in history, and there is no stopping that.

But when you rush to use these tools to meet a growing demand for content, what will you end up with? Crappy work, for sure.

So how do you meet the growing demand for creating SEO-friendly content in a more efficient way, without risking penalties from Google? Can an AI writing tool really help you here?

Well, I’ve come across Jasper AI, which markets itself as exactly that. It’s been gaining traction as a powerful force in helping writers create SEO-friendly content quickly and easily.

Let’s take a close look at its features, and most importantly how it’s going to affect your SEO.

What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is a content creation tool that was created for content creators, writers, and marketers. It even claims to help you, quote, “create content 5x faster with artificial intelligence.” What’s more, this AI bot apparently is capable of generating, “original, creative content.”

Sounds pretty far-fetched–after all, doesn’t AI just rehash data and information its developers feed it? Well, here’s what Jasper’s team has to say about it:

“Jasper doesn’t scrape URLs but instead generates content from pieces of words previously recognized on the internet.”

“[…]He is trained on a trillion data points that use pattern recognition and not previously written sentences or phrases. If he sees something similar, he does not write the same thing again. Jasper is trained to detect patterns and phrases that people have already written, so the styling is similar, and then optimize your output to match those patterns but not replicate them.“

It also has a built-in natural language processing (NLP) feature that analyzes the user’s search intent in order to create tailored content that can rank higher in search engine results pages.

In addition to optimizing existing content for SEO purposes, Jasper AI can also be used as an editorial assistant when creating new pieces from scratch.

What Can Jasper AI Do?

Users can access several different templates, which can help streamline your content. Some of Jasper AI’s templates that I find helpful in terms of SEO are:

  • SEO – Blog Posts
  • SEO – Homepage
  • SEO – Product Page
  • SEO – Services Page

All of these templates help you write SEO-optimized title tags and meta descriptions that can help your blog posts, homepage, product page, and services page rank well in Google.

Jasper SEO templates


Another template that is also considered helpful for SEO is its One-Shot Landing Page, which can generate a full landing page with headings or H1, H2, and H3, elements that Google highly considers for your web page to rank in the search results.

Jasper one-shot landing page


So I tried the One-Shot Landing Page Template to see how Jasper AI fares in generating H1, H2, and H3 for landing pages. While some content writers might find this template will come in handy, it’s best that you don’t completely rely on letting any AI tool do the heavy lifting when writing content.

With Google still against spammy, low-quality content, it’s critical to still have humans edit and fact-check anything this tool creates for you.

How Can Jasper AI Help With Content Creation?

Simply put, it helps generate content that resonates with your target readers. Because of its natural language processing (NLP) feature, it understands human language. Meaning, it can suggest content that reads as if it was written by an actual human–and for humans.

Writing, as we know, is one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. You need a lot of creativity and skill to churn out content. You’ll also need to do plenty of research into anything you write about. It’s crucial if you want to hit all the topics in your niche, and do so in a way that is enticing and engaging to your audience.

Essentially, this tool will always come in handy in overcoming writer’s block, speeding up the more tedious parts of writing, and leveraging ideas for your content.

What you should be taking note of if you’re new to SEO and you’re going to use this tool is this: it can help make your writing more efficient. With all the functionalities that come with the platform, it’s common sense that you make the most of it to your advantage, especially in terms of SEO.

Utilizing Jasper AI: Some Points To Take Note Of

I’ve found that, while AI-powered tools are pretty useful, it’s a good idea to follow a plan when using them. Doing so can make sure the content it generates is both high-quality and the best fit for your website.

Here are a few things I recommend you do when using Jasper AI:

  • Do your keyword research beforehand

Any self-respecting SEO specialist knows the importance of keyword research for a successful SEO strategy. Look for search terms or keywords your readers will most likely use when they research online. Keyword research not only gives you a better understanding of your readers but also gives you better insight when creating your outline.

Your keywords should not only be limited to one term or word. It’s also recommended to add long-tail keywords and questions in your keywords list for your content creation.

  • Utilize the template for generating title and meta description

This is one of the most helpful templates in the tool. They say that coming up with a title or meta description for your content can be quite daunting to do, especially if you have written long-form content.

When you’ve got a title and meta description that clearly describes what you’ve just written–and hits all the right notes to entice the reader–you can expect more people to click on your article.

While click-through rate isn’t technically a ranking factor (a hotly contested topic almost as long as I’ve practiced SEO), it does help with organic traffic and rankings, which is a good thing! It’s why I also wrote a guide on how to raise your organic CTR.

  • Proofread and edit your work

What I also need you to take note of is that even if you use Jasper, you still need to edit and proofread your work. Though the tool claims to generate original content that won’t get flagged for plagiarism, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. If you will completely rely on Jasper AI doing the writing work for you, it might do your content – more harm than good.

Going over it before publishing is also a great time to make some tweaks, add some flair, and insert some unique insights into your content. The last part is important–adding some of your expertise on the given topic is something I believe helps you rank for Google’s helpful content update.

How Does Jasper AI Affect SEO?

Content writing is a central pillar for SEO, making well-written, rank-able content one of the most important tasks in any SEO strategy.

AI tools, like Jasper, are geared towards making this process a whole lot faster and easier for us in the industry. And, it does so in many aspects–from creating outlines to providing whole paragraphs.

Since AI tools can process data at scale and use a number of methods to generate text (including deep learning, sentiment analysis, and NLP), they can also guide you towards content that is highly relevant to your audience’s needs.

That said, there is a lot of trepidation about using AI writing tools. After all, isn’t it against Google’s guidelines?

Google’s Danny Sullivan said this about AI:

“We haven’t said AI content is bad. We’ve said, pretty clearly, content written primarily for search engines rather than humans is the issue. That’s what we’re focused on. If someone fires up 100 humans to write content just to rank, or fires up a spinner, or an AI, same issue…”

In Google’s Search Essentials, AI isn’t directly mentioned either. But, it does warn against using “spammy automatically-generated content,” which is why it’s best that you use any AI writing tool out there with a grain of salt.

Key Takeaway

With all these features combined together in one single platform, Jasper AI can be a pretty powerful SEO copywriting tool to add to your toolbox.

Whether you’re looking for ways to optimize existing pieces or starting from scratch with new material; whether you need help finding relevant keywords or just want an extra pair of eyes on your work; Jasper AI has the potential to make that task much easier for you.

But, always do what any self-respecting content writer does best: edit your work.

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