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I’ve been looking for a good keyword ranking tool for many months now, and although we have some pretty good ones like SEO Rank Monitor, Rank Tracker, and SEMrush, there’s still an urge to dig deeper – I’m still asking for more.

I’m looking for something that has a user-friendly interface, something that’s not eating all my hard disk space, or being the reason for slow Internet connection, and something that can give instant, accurate results.

Then SE Ranking came. Suddenly, I feel like I found everything I’m looking for in a tool.

Below are SE Ranking features, and reasons why you need to consider using this tool.

1. Gives accurate results

On the day that I tried SE Ranking, I also did a manual keyword ranking check of our clients and SEO Hacker keywords. To my surprise, the results in SE Ranking matched the manual rank check.

SE Ranking Accuracy

Above part is the results from SE Ranking tool, while the lower side is the results from Google Philippines.

It’s amazing! For the first time I feel like I can really rely on a tool. What’s more amazing though is that it will give you a daily ranking status of your keywords even without you asking for it. Isn’t that remarkable? You can even set a date to when you want to check your keyword rankings, or if you want to know your keywords’ performance within the week.

After trying it for our clients and SEO Hacker for days and still get accurate results, I am convinced that this is the most accurate keyword ranking checker that I’ve used so far.

2. You can recheck rankings over the day

Your position in Google and other search engines can change more than once a day, so instead of waiting for tomorrow, or creating another campaign, SE Ranking decided to just put a ‘refresh’ button, and once you click it, it’ll automatically recheck the rankings for you.

SE Ranking Refresh

The best bit of it is that you don’t have to wait long hours to get results. In just a span of 10-30 seconds, it’ll generate rankings for you, and it’s the same prompt waiting time even if you just started a campaign.

3. You can check your rankings for three major search engines

This tool is not limited to generating reports from Google, you can also choose Yahoo! and Bing. But what’s even more impressive about this tool is that you can see your keywords positions in all regions of the world.

SE Ranking Search Engines

SE Ranking Regions

I’ve tried many tools before that didn’t include Google Philippines in the options, and that’s a big loss for us because most of our clients are based in and targeting Philippines, thus checking their ranking locally is a big thing to us.

4. Has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface

The interface matters a lot to me. I like tools where I don’t need to watch ‘how-to-use’ tutorials, so having a clear, straightforward and user-friendly interface is one of the things that I look forward to in any kind of tools – SE Ranking passed this standard.

5. Google Analytics is integrated within the tool

You can connect it with your Google Analytics to get a better view of your website’s performance by providing thorough traffic assessment and statistics. It’s important for those who want to have more precise marketing strategies not just to improve rankings, but to improve reach and engagement with audience.

SE Ranking Google Analytics

6. Can do a competitors analysis

Like any other SEO tools, SE Ranking allows users to do a comprehensive competitor’s analysis. You can gather data about your competitors such as what keywords they’re ranking for.

SE Ranking Competitors

What’s more cool with this tool is that if you don’t know who exactly your competitors are for specific keywords, you could just click the ‘TOP-10’ or ‘All Competitors’ under Competitors tab and it will automatically generate a list of your competition.

7. You can do a website audit

Want to know more details about your website such as its MozRank, the exact number of crawled pages, usability and technologies? This tool can provide all those by just clicking the ‘Website audit’ tab.

SE Ranking Site Audit

A comprehensive website analysis is needed for you to know which part of your website needs improvement, or what factors are hindering you from reaching the first page of search results. If your goal is to rank for major search engines, then this feature will definitely be useful to you.

Other features:

  • You can export reports in PDF, XLS and CSV format.
  • You can even schedule reports daily, weekly or monthly to be sent in your email.
  • The tool is responsive. It comes with a mobile application that is ready for iOS and Android which makes it possible for anyone to measure their SEO progress at any time they want.
  • They have a very good customer service.
  • It is multilingual. You can get it in English, German, Russian and Italian.


One thing that I realized about trying different tools is that you have to analyze whether that tool will make your work easier, or it will only complicate things. Tools are created to help us, and increase our productivity level. Sadly, most tools that I’ve tried just made me go back to doing manual check and analyzing Google Analytics reports.

But SE Ranking is an honest to goodness helpful tool. This is one of the best and promising SEO tools of this generation. It’s very new, but it’s already proved so much about itself.

There are still features that are not included, like keyword suggestions, but at least they didn’t promise this kind of feature. What they included in the features page is just what it is – and that’s what we want, to either meet or exceed our expectations.

I’ve not seen any bad thing about this tool yet, but I will still explore it over the coming weeks, so I’ll let you know if I bumped into something awful. But for now, all I can recommend is for you to give it a try. They’re offering a 14-day free trial, or you may check their pricing if you trust me enough that you already want to purchase their premium versions.

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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