Links Analysis Made Easy: Linkody Review

Monitoring backlinks and our competitors’ backlinks is an important day-to-day task for our team. We run link building campaigns for all of our clients and as our company grows, it gets more difficult to keep track of thousands of links. 

Lucky for us, the new addition to the SEO-hacker Toolbox automates this task for us. Let me introduce you to Linkody.


Linkody is a SaaS tool for backlink monitoring and reporting. It has been around since 2011 and is being used by many marketers and SEOs. Linkody monitors your backlinks and competitor backlinks 24/7. Once you plug in your domain and your competitor’s domain into the tool, it will automatically check for all backlinks, analyze metrics, and run reports for you. In this article, I’ll give you an in-depth look at what Linkody can bring to the table.


Link Metrics

Once you enter your Linkody account dashboard, it will immediately give you metrics from 3 of the most popular link metrics available to SEO professionals:


  • Moz’s Moz Rank, Domain Authority, and Spam Score
  • Majestic’s Trust and Citation Flow
  • Amazon’s Alexa Rank


Link metrics don’t give you the exact view on how Google sees your backlinks, however, link metrics still gives you a good idea of the overall health of your link profile and how it may fair in Google’s algorithm. Usually, to see these metrics, you would have to pay for different tools individually but with Linkody, you can see them in one dashboard with no extra payment.

Link Audit

Every day, Linkody will try to crawl and look for new backlinks pointing to your website and these links will appear under the Links tab. Once you open the tab, it will show you all links Linkody discovered. 

Linkody will show the date the link was discovered, the landing page, if its nofollow or dofollow, and other metrics such as domain authority and spam score. One thing I like with this link analysis is that it will also show if the page the link came from was indexed by Google.

Aside from monitoring your own links, Linkody also allows you to scout on your competitor’s links. This allows you to get a good idea of the quality of links your competitors are getting and strategize on how you can steal those backlinks from them. If you want to sort your links by date or domain authority, you can do so using the Advanced Filters.

I would say that Linkody’s backlink index is not the largest and it will take time until all your links are eventually crawled. However, the Link audit of Linkody also makes it easier to do reports through the Export option. All these metrics makes it easier to do an analysis to help us better explain our services to our clients.

Competitors Links Analysis

One of the main features of Linkody is that it allows you to monitor your competitor’s links. It gives you valuable data on your competitors’ SEO efforts and tries to build a strategy to steal backlinks from them.

Similar to your own domain’s Links, the Competitors Links will show you the list of links Linkody discovered and give metrics to each one of it.

Clicking a link will take you to Linkody’s web viewer and it will show you exactly where on that page the link is placed. Competitive link building is a regular link building strategy our team use and knowing the context of each link allows our team to offer more value to the webmaster.


Email Reporting

When Linkody discovers new links for your domain and your competitors’ domains, it will send you an email notification. Monitoring your backlinks doesn’t mean you should keep your tools open 24/7. I prefer checking my tools when new links come in which saves me a lot of time.

Google Analytics and Ahrefs Integration

As I said earlier, Linkody’s backlink index is not the biggest but I think this feature makes up for it. Connecting your Linkody account to your Google Analytics and Ahrefs would allow Linkody to crawl more links from these tools improving the number of links you can see on the Links report.

Final Verdict

The thing that I like about Linkody the most is the ease of use and a simple dashboard that allows me to see everything that I need in a few clicks. It made it easier for our team to analyze the effectiveness of our link building campaigns and also scout on our competitors’ link building campaigns. 

Linkody is a must-have tool for any SEO agency or website owner that is running a link building campaign. In the short span of time that our team has been using it, Linkody brought us efficiency in our operations so I highly recommend that you give it a try.

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