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One of the best and most manipulative ways that you can clean a bad reputation using Online Reputation Management is through creating a mininet. This process takes a lot of time and is not really easy – but if you do it right, it pays off.

Not a Linkwheel

A mininet is a series of websites under your full control – independent blogsites that are not in the same Class-C IP – which is linked to each other in a ‘natural way’ and are at least vertically relevant with each other but have the same target keywords.

The keywords that you are trying to clean.

Class C IP Clarification

Class-C is a segment in an IP address. Take this IP as an example: 192.168.324.33 – The third segment number (324) is the C segment. The segments are classed as A,B,C,D. Meaning 192 is segment A. 168 is segment B. And 33 is segment D.

It all starts with

A website – and you need a handful. At least 5 websites in order to create a ‘mininet’. I know, this ain’t really white-hat but it ain’t really SEO either. This is Online Reputation Management and things are pretty different. It’s 10 times more work than SEO.

Not to worry, all methods and techniques that will be applied to the mininet SHOULD be white hat methods. Otherwise, your mininet will be at risk. You don’t want that.

9 Steps to Set it up

  1. Buy the website – try to get a domain name that has your target ORM keywords in.
  2. Put those ORM Keywords in the Site title / Site name.
  3. Create a different design for each one – different template and preferably different coding structure or language.
  4. Start populating it with good content.
  5. Let it age – like wine. Well, maybe not that long.
  6. Drive in traffic thru social media, blogs, search, PPC, and what have you.
  7. Interlink the mininet sites with each other – make sure that your visitors are led to the other mininet sites.
  8. Link out to all your social media profiles from these mininet sites (Social Media Reputation Management)
  9. Create more content and let it age some more until they push the bad reputations down.

It’s an investment

Great articles for 5 different websites don’t come cheap. You really have to invest in the content that you are going to put in the mininet. Interlinking these content with each other ain’t an easy job too.

Getting websites that are not in the same Class-C IP is also not a joke. That means you can’t just put them in a reseller account. You have to get them from different webhosts which use different Class-C IPs in order to successfully pull this off.

A mininet in the same Class-C IP is next to useless.

Tips for keeps: If you want to secure your brand – do a mininet now. It’s also one of the best prevention methods there is.

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