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As an Internet Marketer, one question people frequently ask me is “what is the difference between organic and paid search results?” Trying to get a website ranked without opting for a paid listing is not that hard to do in theory but actually getting a website ranked is challenging – but it isn’t impossible.

Google’s Sponsored Search Results

Sponsored Ads

At a first glance, Google offers a simple answer on organic vs sponsored search results. Listed at the very top of the search results are the paid ones. They are there simply because they availed of Google’s “Adwords” service. How this works is that while your link is at the very top (or in another prime location), Google will charge you based on where you are on the list and your keywords. It is worth noting that Google will charge you more the higher you want your link to be listed.

Availing of Google’s Adwords services is a fairly simple process. You simply have to create a Google account, register it in the Adwords domain and then you can set it up to get your desired spot in Google’s search engine.

It is extremely easy to get searched if you avail of Google’s Adwords service. However, in the long run it is still a risky move. While each click is not that expensive by itself, you still have to consider the fact that not everyone is going to avail of your service. Some of them might simply be curious and there are even some cases where people accidentally click on your link. Simply put, each and every click isn’t really worth it.

Another aspect that people consider is the fact that people have a predisposition to not trust ads. Some of them have heard of junk mail and phishing scams so these people tend to avoid clicking on ads. The best way to become visible is by creating quality content that’s good enough to be ranked higher on Google’s search engine results.

Organic Search Results


As I have repeatedly said before, it is considered good practice to naturally have your content and links rank higher on Google. One of the end goals of SEO is ranking higher with organic search results. One thing bloggers and internet marketers should put into practice is creating worthwhile content while optimizing their website in a way that satisfies Google’s standards for a reputable webpage. Simply put, the better content you put out, the better Google will treat your website and rank you higher on their search engine.

Organic Search Results are important precisely because they are relevant to the search keyword. Google determines what is relevant by using their unique algorithm. They naturally appear as search engine results depending on their relevance to the topic as well as their reputation.

Another thing worth considering is the fact that better content produces better results overall; not only with SEO but also with how people perceive and respect your brand. If you can successfully convert people into promoters for your brand then ranking higher even without relying on sponsored search results will come naturally.

In conclusion, while it is definitely easier to rank higher by availing of a Google’s adwords, it is better for your website in the long run if you put into practice the creation of quality content. You don’t need to pay money to advertise your link if people who are satisfied with your products and services can do that for you. Are you interested in practising SEO for your website? SEO Hacker is the best place to start.

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