How to Set Up a Goal-Centric PPC Campaign

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The digital sphere is now crowded with many marketers, all hoping to be the best in advertising their brand. Starting a pay-per-click campaign is one of the best ways to ensure brand awareness for your business especially if your target market is currently looking for you online. What you must know about successful PPC campaigns is that knowing how to measure its effectiveness

Ensure that you are targeting the right market


Wasted spend would be a killer on your ads budget and it would hurt even more when you realize that it’s because you are targeting the wrong market for your ad. Before running your ad, make sure that you have the right audience in mind so you would not risk irrelevant clicks to your ads.

One way to be on top of this is to set your goal right for Search, Display, and Video campaigns. Follow the steps below to make sure that you are targeting the right goal for your campaign:

  1. To set this up, start by clicking on your campaign.
  2. Next, go to settings.
  3. Click Goal.

Here is a quick overview of what goal you should select depending on your needs:


As the name suggests, the goal of sales is to encourage people to buy your products online or in-store. This is recommended for businesses who would want to be at the receiving end of a sales conversion. If you are targeting buyers, then you should know that they are looking to convert since they are already researching your product. Create a transactional landing page for this purpose and visually striking ads that would entice people to buy.


Getting leads for your business through your PPC ads would mean that you should optimize your campaign performance with automated bidding and targeting. This would enable you to get contacts from prospective customers that you can lead to doing business with you. It would be great if you prepare a landing page that would enjoin them to fill in a form with their respective data. This way, you can reach out to them in the future or in real-time about being a customer for your business.

Website Traffic

The fact of the matter is, digital ads will drive sufficient or a surge of traffic to your site. But this would only work if you have the right audience in mind and if you are set on achieving this goal. The audience for this goal is usually at the sales funnel are usually exploring and maximizing their options for transactions which means that you should stand out with an informative landing page for new customers that can help them explore your product or service thoroughly. These visitors can then turn into leads that you can outreach to in the future.

Product and Brand Consideration

Visitors who are not familiar with your brand can be targeted with this campaign goal. This is to help your business climb the ranks up for consideration. For this, you can choose to pay only when people interact with your ads. A successful PPC campaign for this goal would be measured by how many people engaged with your ad which is a simple metric even for those who are starting out in creating Google Ads.

Brand Awareness and Reach

Image ads are the best assets you can have for this type of campaign. Although text ads can also do the trick thanks to a well-written copy, it would provide more recall if you have the banner and image ads to accompany it. Brand recognition will help you in the long run especially if you are aiming for more people to know your brand through search or the Google Display Network.

Personalize your campaign

Target users based on a strategy that is well-fit for the goals of your campaigns. Personalization has been a tactic that is used for dynamic campaigns. One way to take maximize personalization for PPC campaign success is to create an ad for the Google Display Network (GDN) because this is a great start in reaching particular audiences and the right websites that can show your ads. If you wish to personalize your campaign, make sure that you are keeping the right audience in mind and the best methods for targeting them.

Consider remarketing for visitors that have previously engaged with your site. Remarketing is great in maximizing website traffic since it can show your ads to people who have already visited your website. This ensures great brand recall and consideration. The campaigns will be specifically tailored for reaching previous visitors and users which can help you reach out to prospective customers or those who are looking to transact with you for long-term purposes.

Opt for high-conversion keywords

A successful PPC search campaign would be possible if you also do keyword research. The Google Keyword Planner will help you do the trick. Discover new keywords and take into consideration how it will convert customers or leads for your business. The forecast tab can also help you decide which keywords to retain for your campaign. This can also help you choose the keywords based on their maximum CPC or the projected impressions that you can get for this campaign.

When it comes to keywords, you should always choose high conversion keywords rather than sticking with the safe option of using high volume keywords. Instead of going with the most popular keywords, consider using a set that would definitely address the search intent of users. For businesses, having a strategic approach for your PPC campaign would help you maximize your ad budget to help you reach your goals.

Check relevant success metrics

Google Ads Metrics

Having a goal-centric PPC campaign should also encourage you to have a measurement of success based on your efforts in running the campaigns. Fortunately, Google Ads makes it possible for you to track your campaigns based on the metrics readily available on its dashboard. Here are the metrics that you should look at:

  • Quality Score
  • Conversions and Conversions Rate
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • CTR

These metrics will help you measure the relevance of your ad as well as its performance based on the goals you set. Having an overview of your performance and tracking these metrics will be a recipe for success. Checking your performance is a click away so make sure to have a solid tracking sheet for this. That way, you would have something to look back on when you are going to start a new campaign. Perform a contrast between what worked and what didn’t for your ad which will help you attain PPC success in no time.

Key Takeaway

Paid advertising is one of the best ways to put your business on the radar. With google ads marketing, you would be well-pressed to work hard on achieving success for it seeing as the competition can be stiff around the digital market. What are your plans for PPC for 2020? Comment down below and let’s talk about it!

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