Price too Expensive for You?

There’s a saying “If you pay peanuts… You get monkeys”

SEO is not immune to this saying. If you’re only willing to shell out peanut-sized budget, I won’t be surprised that your site got a Google penalty.

SEO is a tough job. It involves tackling extensive research, intense study of your company and market, fixing all the little details in your website, creative ways in getting you great links, reaching out to other webmasters in your industry to ask them to share your stuff, and all things that you never would have thought we were doing for you.

So before you tell me the price is too expensive, please do read these compilations of SEO pricing justification on the web.

If the Price is too good to be true…

Watch Matt Cutts (Google Spam Team) as he talks about people who offer ‘too good to be true’ SEO packages and how you should react to it.

WARNING: Before you argue that our services are too damn expensive, read this article about BEING CHEAP WITH YOUR SEO

You should also look at this to find about how much Web Marketing and SEO costs in the web as a STANDARD

Lastly, read the rules you have to know before you can become an SEO client.


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