Do not get cheap with your SEO

Cheap SEOThere is this notion that SEOs are to be cheap. Well here’s a newsflash for you, NOT ALL SEOs ARE CREATED EQUAL. Most of us are self-taught because there is no direct SEO course that is taught to this day.

Note: There is an update to this entry wherein we put our shoes down on our company’s pricing. Check out The Honest, Shocking Truth Behind Our $1,250+ / Month SEO Pricing by Sean Si.

If you are looking for the cheapest SEO possible, then I won’t be surprised when your website is banlisted, blacklisted and gunned down by search engines. And if you were working with a reputable, more expensive SEO but dropped them for the cheaper one to save some cash, then you probably deserve what happened to you. The bottom line is: SEO doesn’t come cheap. There are lots of Snake oil salesmen out there who use the name of ‘SEO’ to stash some cash out of your lifeblood.

Cheap SEO’s usually try to mess with your website. They try all the things in order to get you up there quick – including hackjobs which will crack up your website. And let me tell you, it’s next to impossible even for a good SEO to fix up your site after it has been crapped up by one of those crappy and cheap SEO’s out there. in the long run, it’ll cost you more if you try to save and hire the ‘cheaper ones’ than to pay good and reputable SEO.

Bottom line is, if you want good help, it’s gonna cost you. It’s not gonna be the most expensive service you can get in the web, but right now SEO is more than an optional case when it comes to business and marketing – it is a MUST.

If the Price is too good to be true…

Watch Matt Cutts (Google Spam Team) as he talks about people who offer ‘too good to be true’ SEO packages and how you should react to it.

Tips for Keeps:

So if you want to have good, reliable SEO, ask around your friends or colleagues (whom you trust of course) for Word of Mouth referrals. Or if you don’t have any friends or colleagues who knows someone with good SEO skills then start searching marketing blogs and news sites.

Or better yet, you can start here and hire my expertise! Yes I’m advertising because this is my site. Don’t argue. Haha!

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  • Jet

    Wow, that's true… SEO is really created Equal!

    • Correction Jet: Not all SEOs are equal :)

  • Hey Sean,

    I think Jet is just here for the link. Haha.

    • Hey Ronald!

      Haha! It's okay. Intensedebate is filtered by the script behind it so no linkjuice goes out from my site. Also, Jet is not really good with his english, reading, comprehension and logical skills. I know coz he's contacted me for some time to get free consultations from me regarding his site.

  • Nice.. thanks for this articles :)

  • It’s a bit ironic. You want to be found on the internet as an SEO company and you work on your online reputation. But in terms of getting new customers you have to rely on word of Mouth and not on your ranking…

    But it’s absolutely true. I know that :)

  • Hallo, ik wil alleen even laten weten dat ik het bericht erg interessant vind met leuke informatie. Ik zal deze internet site dan ook in de gaten houden.

    • Hello Arthur,
      I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say. Can you, perhaps, try to speak english?
      Thanks :)

  • Great article and so very true! One day, I hope a set of standards are created that must be met before someone (or company) can claim they can properly accomplish SEO. Maybe a certification of some sort. Sure we all have our special ” tricks” or “black art”, but we all know that on page SEO is built around semi established SEO best practices that dont dramatically change with SERP algorithm updates.

    • Hey Malone,
      Yeah – we can be sure that one day there would be a certification for SEO. Something like ITIL perhaps. Good insight about on page SEO. It doesn’t change drastically if and when your on page SEO is founded on good practice.

  • That’s definitely a possibility for there to be a SEO certification just like any other profession. Maybe you should start the first SEO school for certification! Best way to stay ahead of the curve is to be the one drawing it!

  • Well said Sean!! Many companies seem to think they can invest a small amount, gain high visibility, and keep it with no further investment! Impossible, unless your trying to rank for a stupidly long tail query – even then it’s unlikely!

    Like many things, you get what you pay for. If you want a spammy link profile with short term benefits outsources to third world countries then go for the cheap option. If you’re serious about achieving long-lasting search engine ranking then invest the time and money to do it properly!

  • michaeltalburt

    Yes you are right it is better to ask friends or research to find background before you proceed to make business with any seo company. Make sure that it is reliable seo or not, that they delivers a good quality services to you.

  • Misa Jovcic

    “To guess is cheap, to guess wrong is expensive.”

  • studiumcirclus

    Amen to this, down with crap-hat SEOs.

    There are no official qualifications, but for technical SEOs there are many relevant skillsets. Someone who knows basic query languages like XPath or who can build their own PHP crawler is a good bet.

    People who have knowledge of how to extract information from the web can make more informative guesses as to the inner workings of search engines (which are scrapers after all). Try to have one or two guys from the Information Retrieval era on-board, they’re great to learn from.