What SEO Companies Should Say to Their Clients’ Faces… Respectfully

What SEO Companies Should Say to their Clients

Dealing with clients isn’t easy, in fact it’s sometimes harder than the tasks itself. But retaining and getting new clients are the reasons why you’re still in the business.

What’s bothering me though is that most SEO companies think that the best way to retain clients is to please them, to do whatever their clients want them to do. But isn’t it your job to make the decision for them, because you’re more knowledgeable, and it’s actually the main reason why your clients hired you?

Some of our clients have been with us since the company started, and it’s not because we tweak their website the way they want it to be tweaked, instead, we recommend strategies, we show them what’s best for them, and we never take for granted the opportunity to communicate with them – we collaborate, and make sure that they understand what we are doing for their brands.

Today, allow me to share with you points that you can actually tell your clients to increase their understanding of your services, and to strengthen your relationship with them.

1. “We don’t fart articles.”

We write quality articles

You need to start telling your clients that you’re not article spinners. Your team consists of real people, think of topics and write content like real people do.

Make your clients understand that more than the frequency and length, your focus is to create compelling articles. Articles that the audience will love, articles that are related to their brands.

The usual challenge, especially if you’ve been handling a specific client for many years now is the inevitable reality that you might run out of topics to think of. That’s why communicating with your clients is a vital part of the process. Ask them if they have upcoming events, maybe they want to highlight some product, or maybe they’re rebranding.

Whatever it is, make sure that you’re updated, so that you’re synchronized with them, and at the same time, you won’t be forced to write mediocre articles just for the sake of publishing.

Tips for keeps: Create an editorial calendar, and ask your clients to provide you with the list of activities and events that they may be having for the next couple of months – be sure to ask in advance, so you’ll have ample time to organize and write.

2. “We’re not after the numbers.”

Quality not Quantity

In link building, most clients think that because you’re SEO experts, you can generate hundreds of backlinks in a day.

And most SEO companies just nod. They say, “yes, we can provide you that.

You need to stop promising numbers, and start explaining to your clients that your efforts will be shifted to prospecting quality websites, and strategizing on how you can actually get backlinks from those quality sites. It will take time, and will lessen your numbers, but it’s what your clients need.

Eventually, you’ll see good results. Results that will last, and will make your clients believe that you’re really an expert in the industry.

Tips for keeps: Create a list of your prospects, make sure that they are relevant to your clients’ niche. Inform your clients that instead of getting backlinks from tons of spammy websites,  your goal is to build a relationship with quality websites, with the hope of getting backlinks from them.

3. “We don’t always go with generic posts.”

It’s never easy to create a social media calendar – you have to be creative and witty enough to post something that will get people’s attention, and you have to have a deep understanding of your clients goal for getting your Social Media services – I’m sure it’s more than just to increase social presence.

If your target is 2 posts a day, you will need to come up with 60 posts for the whole month – 60 eye-catching posts to be more precise.

That’s draining, right?

It’s high time you coordinate with clients. Ask for the list of events, trivia about their companies, or products, and everything else to help you draft a better editorial calendar.

4. “We need resources.”

Have you ever had clients that asked you to develop and design their websites, and you don’t know where to get images, details like the company’s history, address, and the like?

Now, don’t blame your clients for the lack of details.

Maybe you didn’t ask for it.

Before accepting any project, ask your clients if they could provide you details, perhaps images or videos about the company, whatever it is, make your clients understand that you need these things to create a better website, and of course to improve clickthrough rate.

Who would browse a website with no content anyway?

Tips for keeps: List down everything you need, and ask your clients if they have those things. Ask everything from your first email, so as to avoid bothering them all the time, because we all know how busy they are.

5. “We don’t stick to the usual strategies.”


Even if you already have a breakdown of your services, let your clients know that you support innovation, and that once in a while you will try different strategies to get a gist of what will work for them.

At the same time, don’t make them look like a guinea pig – that you will play with their sites for the sake of finding the best campaign. Give them a calculated marketing plan. Lay out your purpose, strategies, and expectations.

And since your clients know that you could shift from one strategy to another, and they have a better understanding of your goals for their brands, it’ll be easier to collaborate with them in the future.


In all these points, communication is highlighted. Because just like our relationship with family, or friends, having a clear, and constant communication is what builds a strong relationship.

Do not be afraid to ask your clients if you need something, besides they will benefit from it. Do not be afraid to show your clients what kind of company you are – how you work, your strengths, and even your limitations.

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