SEO Talents and How to Identify Yours

The first SEO Hacker TEAM PICThere are different kinds of SEO’s out there with different kinds of methods and specializations. In my opinion, there is not one SEO practitioner who has the exact same methods they use with other SEO practitioners.


Well because we all have different talents and skills – and that’s what we use to grab links. Take me for example – if you still haven’t noticed, my forte is SEO copywriting and delivering quality and informative content through articles that I produce in this website. Now, not all people are good writers and some SEO practitioners out there are doing great in their practice of SEO with their own sets of talents.

So without further ado, here are the list of SEO Talents I’ve gathered so far:

SEO Copywriter

Of course this is my own personal bias because this is what I identify myself to be. SEO copywriters are exceptional with their command of the language. They have the unique and rare ability to emotionally communicate with people and get into the conversation that’s running around the minds of their target audience/readers. Oftentimes, you would almost always find SEO copywriters use their main weapon: Blogs

SEO copywriters are the ones to go to when it comes to thinking of catchy and interesting topics and eye-grabbing headlines. Basically SEO copywriters are more of copywriters than SEO practitioners. But there are some who are very talented with both their technical SEO skills and their copywriting skills – and that makes them the best SEO practitioners around.

SEO Social Media producers

Social media producers are already one of the most competent and creative marketers in the  online world. Their main goal is to make their social media content viral. Of course if people like the content, chances are they will link back to the producer of the content. Or better yet, the content itself has backlinks in it.

SEO practitioners who are exceptional with their social media skills are one of the most creative and entertaining people around the web. They make sure that their social media content sells because it’s witty, funny, information-packed, etc…

SEO Contest Managers

These guys are simply the best in drawing people out to join their contests. SEO contest managers make sure that their contests are worth the trouble, believable, highly rewarding and viral – all that and they still get to finish their main goal (which is mostly high traffic and, you guessed it- links)

SEO Handyman

These guys are the ones whom you will approach to get the best SEO tools from. SEO Handymen are always updated with the best tools for SEO – on site, off site, article spinning, blog submitters, directory submitters, article submitters, etc… The list goes on and on. There are an endless list of SEO tools on the web – but not all of them are effective.

SEO Handymen know their tools and know how to use them well. And that’s their main weapon.

SEO Programmers

When you can’t seem to imagine how a website has ranked in a particular keyword without having much quality links nor good on-site SEO practice, guess what – it’s all in the code. Really good programmers can make their way in SEO by working around the codes – php, java, html, css, whatever. I’ve seen it and it works. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

For me SEO programmers don’t play it right. Getting higher in ranking should mean that you’re providing people with the best relevant stuff according to what they’re searching for. But that’s life. SEO programmers usually have the upper hand – until found out and reported to Google spam team.

SEO Black Hatters

Okay so this is the group of SEO practitioners that I really don’t like. They make SEO harder and harder. They abuse any loopholes they can find within the algorithm of search engines (and since Google holds most of the searches in the internet – go figure).

SEO Black hatters are the type of people who don’t care about whom they will offend, who they will give a hard time to or when they would get caught – as long as they can rank their sites up the SERPs. No valuable content at all. In fact, their stuff is all crap. BUT there are a very few handful of Black hatter who are the best minds when it comes to SEO. Even so, I still think this isn’t the way to go.

SEO Ninjas

Up until now I still believe this is a myth. But they say these guys are real – they get paid millions of dollars to get your site up there in a span of a few weeks. Then they erase all traces of the black hat practices they did to rank you up.

Tips for Keeps: I hope you’re not in the last three when it comes to being an SEO practitioner. But in order to be a really effective SEO practitioner, you gotta know your edge – what’s your best talent? That’s your best weapon when it comes to SEO – always do your best improve that talent until you are identified as an exceptional expert on that particular field.

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