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One of our partners included in our toolbox, SE Ranking has recently made a big change to their interface. I would like to write about it since the new features will be beneficial to new and seasoned SEOs alike. Webmasters who are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool, here’s your chance to try out the improved tool for your optimization efforts.


When I do my audits or random checks on websites, I tend to do it manually because software can only do so much as compared to the trained eye. With over a decade of SEO experience on my belt, I am wary of the tools I use and that is why I only have a handful of partners under our toolbox. Since SE Ranking has proven its powerful performance in helping my team reach their KPIs, I will take this opportunity to share it with you fellow digital marketers.

Comparison of Old and New Dashboard

The SE Ranking team introduced this as a huge update which is why I took the liberty to check it out myself. I am surprised to see a cleaner interface and easier navigation in comparison to its old version.

before seranking
s is the old version of the tool – as you can see, the dashboard is pretty straightforward. You will see the rankings report immediately which is a simple way to track the performance of the sites you optimize. However, the new interface makes the old one look cluttered as it has new features that can make for easy navigation of the tool.

after seranking
The new and improved SE Ranking has a more crisp design as they have also overhauled their buttons and navigation bars. Although the new interface is simpler, this is more useful especially if you are a beginner and you want to explore opportunities to optimize your site.

It is also cleaner with a sidebar on the main dashboard which you can help you easily navigate the tools that you need to optimize your site. The sidebar organizes features like:

  • Rankings report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics and Traffic
  • Website Audits
  • Marketing Plan
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Social Media Metrics

features new

The adaptive data display makes it possible to see all of the SEO metrics that you would need to optimize as well as your performance on the SERP. With the new interface, the old platform that we have come to love is now faster and more friendly in terms of User Experience. Having a modern design is one of the more noticeable changes to the SE Ranking platform since the old version kind of looks outdated with its plain and straightforward design. The main dashboard retained its simple summary of all your projects which will make it easier for you to go back to the rankings data once in a while.

Update on the Rankings Report

No matter how many projects you have on your platform, the new interface can make it load faster. What I find great about the new update is the new dynamics tab in the keyword platform. It is an all-encompassing feature that will help you understand how your rankings dropped or improved over time. The new look of the rankings module with the data on the top half of the page makes it easier to see performance metrics without looking at each one of the keywords. This is what the graph looks like:


data top half

Competitor Research Integration on the Main Platform

The new update highlights the competitor analysis tool, which was initially part of the navigation bar but not the main platform. The old design requires you to take a few steps before you access the competitor analysis tool but now you can switch between the tools with one click. Since the SE Ranking team has declared that they have improved every single line of code in the platform, the tool loads easier and quicker now.

new competitor research

The SEO/PPC Competitor Research proves to be beneficial for your SEO efforts because you can see who you are up against. You will be well-equipped with this knowledge so you would know what areas you would need to improve and which are the areas that you can already bank on.

Keyword Research Module Improvements

As a new separate tool in the platform, it is now equipped with fresh elements. Keyword research is essential to foundational strategies for SEO so having the right tool to help you will help you drive traffic and leads to your site. With a concise keyword research tool, you can see keywords that have the most potential to empower your online visibility. Getting your pages ranked among the top 10 in Google’s search engine pages can be possible with a reliable tool such as SE Ranking. With their update, the Keyword Efficiency index was replaced with the Keyword Difficulty score which can help you assess how the value of a keyword can help your growth.

Quick notes on the SE Ranking Update

This is not the last update that the SE Ranking platform will have but considering that it is a huge revamp that is very different from their initial design, this should be news to SEOs. I expect that the tool will give us more in the future. The tool’s big update exhibits what an all-around SEO tool should be, clean and with no-frills features. This eliminates distractions and unnecessary attention to areas of your website which cannot help you rank at all in the long run.

Check out SE Ranking’s new update and comment down below if you like it just as much as I do.

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