Why Internet Marketing is about more than just the Product

target_market_marketingLast Friday (I hope my mental calendar is still working properly), Sean and I met up and talked about some new exciting things- and new exciting people as well- in store for SEO-Hacker. Okay, I might not be able to drop any more hints about that. Well at least not yet (right Sean?).

What I’m about to share today however revolves around what every product-owner-wannabe needs. Before you start creating your product (or maybe during), before you even think of launching it, or before you even light the buzz online, there’s one thing that you better realize you need- it’s a marketing plan.

The Basics of a Marketing Plan

Setting aside all the intricate discussion, the point of marketing is just simple- it seeks to get your name out there. With internet marketing to be specific, it’s just being able to target your readers/buyers and turn them into something more than just page views.

While Sean and us were talking about the incoming product (sorry for being such a tease and no this is not the Free Basic SEO Course), we realized that as of now, the focus had been so far placed in product creation. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong about that. In fact, it’s great because what you want at the end of the day is a product that can knock people’s socks off. The only problem looming over our heads is this- how are we gonna reel in people to begin with?

Take Into Account Your Means to your Market

When we realized the marketing that we need to work on, the first thing that popped into my head is this- “how many people are in the email list right now?”. When you plan on marketing something, your step one must be to take into account the means that you currently have.

The size of your newsletter subscribers clearly matters (since emailing is a huge arsenal in the internet marketing industry). There are other things you can use too of course: social media blasts in facebook and twitter, video marketing, SEO marketing, direct advertising (PPC or direct adspot purchases), or even creative means like contests and offline promotions just to name a few.

Always find ways. It is important that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, have a multitude of methods that will create the buzz ripple-effect. This is why it’s important that you know and try to figure out the ways that you can market online.

Remember, when you launch a product (such as our own Issho Genki Squalene), you don’t expect people to come and hand over money for your goods (unless you’re some New York Times bestselling author). There has to be means, a channel for them to know that your product exists in the first place.

The Golden Rule of Marketing

Can you guess? It’s just two simple words.

Think. Big.

The difference of offline marketing from online marketing is that there’s no stopping you. When it comes to offline, you need to have contacts, a nice company name and a whole lot of fancy capital to get into business. With online marketing, well, you basically just need an internet connection. Well actually, you might need to invest more than just a connection, but you do get the point right?

In the internet, the possibilities remain endless. And it always will be.

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