Ranking Better by NOT Focusing on Social Media

Ranking Better by NOT Focusing on Social Media

The debate on whether social media marketing could positively impact your overall SEO campaign has been around for quite some time now, and even though Google has already given the answer, I still believe that a great social media marketing plan can still help your SEO.

Do not misunderstand. I still respect and believe that your social rankings are not a direct ranking factor, however, it is still undeniable that when you have a proper and successful campaign, it will be an essential part of increasing your overall organic traffic received and search visibility.

I’ll be showing you how you can incorporate your social media success into your SEO to gain better results in organic traffic and your visibility in the search results. Let’s start.


01_building up your brand

#1. Building Up Your Brand

More often than not, consumers do their research before availing of their desired products or services, and the main platform for their research is through social media websites. It is perfectly understandable because these websites are where people, highly likely, express their own opinions on a variety of things – including a great (or bad) product and service.

Which is why your product or services’ reputation with its users plays an important role in the overall conversion of any potential customer. This is due to the fact that a person shells out money because of trust, desire, need, and likeability of a brand or person.

Consequently, what you should do is to make your brand’s social media identity stand out more than ever. By improving your brand’s identity there is a high chance that your SEO will improve as well. Some of the things that you can improve on regarding your brand’s social media identity are:

  • Improving the aesthetic appeal of your products and/or services.
  • Constant engagement with your audience.
  • Continuing the publication of content regarding your product and services.
  • Reaching out to influencers with endorsements and offers.

After establishing the proper amount of trust with your customers and audience, make a habit of continuing the processes I just mentioned because this is an integral part of the success of your social media strategy.

If you still haven’t guessed it, if you have the sufficient amount of trust among your audience and customers, they will most probably look for your website regarding promos, new products, and any other news about your brand. It will also open your site to the possibility of gaining more organic traffic through the sharing of other delighted customers – which will be a definite improvement with your site’s overall traffic.

Basically, because your brand is trusted in the social media landscape, you’ll be looked for in the search engine landscape as well. This means that you are regularly increasing the demand for your brand, and more demand means better ranking signals. Just keep in mind that building up your brand is critical for your long-term SEO strategy.

02_social profiles

#2. Social Profiles

People don’t just search for your brand or company. They also search for people that are related to your brands such as the CEO or any representative. Which would entail that if any user searches for a person in any search engine, the top results would be that specific person’s social media profiles.

Basically, all your social media profiles should possess the necessary information any user wants to know, from your position to what you can do for them. If there is a chance that a user happens to find your social profile, and it does not contain any information that is beneficial to them, then there is a high chance that they will opt to go for your competitor just because they have the necessary information on their social profiles.

This is the same for your business. All the information that the users need to know should be on your company’s social profiles.

So, along with having a proper social media strategy, you should also have an active and keen management of your profiles. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Update all your images, videos, contact info, varying content, and CTAs for each and every social profile that you and your company have.
  • Build up a positive reputation by constantly engaging your audience through comments and other interaction in the social media platform. This will help the reach of your posts, and hopefully, improve the traffic that enters your website – which means a good thing for your SEO.
  • Understand your social profile settings, and use them to further understand the audience of your social profiles.
  • If other people are allowed to write on your timeline (Facebook), make sure that the posts are monitored and managed because the wrong message could be detrimental for your brand name.
  • If your business has multiple branches, make sure that Facebook and Youtube’s location function is active.

03_social search engines

#3. Social Search Engines

As you may know, people could also search on social networks as well. Since most of the people here are professionals, let’s use LinkedIn as an example.

Most of the members that found you on LinkedIn have used the search tool to look for someone with your qualifications. So, you should make sure that your LinkedIn profile is optimized because it actually improves your profile’s visibility if your profile is active and up-to-date.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile means you are updating your skills, summary, experiences, and other details. Whenever people regularly go back to your LinkedIn profile, it is inevitable that they will visit your website.

Key Takeaway

As I have mentioned, social media is not a direct ranking factor. So, if you are thinking of focusing on your social media strategy rather than link building or content marketing, then you are making a grave mistake.

However, social media can definitely help with your link building campaign (link potential), content writing (brainstorming), and your overall SEO endeavors. Always remember the tips I highlighted in this article, and you’ll surely have an easier time managing your social media profiles while at the same time improving your SEO.

Do you know other ways on how social media can help SEO? Tell me in the comments below, and let’s help each other out.


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