5 No-Nonsense TikTok SEO Strategies For Your Business

TikTok SEO

How do I optimize my Tiktok content?

Quick Answer: We recommend using hashtags for discoverability, optimizing the title and description of your video, utilizing long-tail keywords, and adding open-ended questions to drive engagement. You can also try to redirect your audience to your website, or cross-promoting your video content to your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Now more than ever, your business should be in the digital marketplace. Customers search for products online now, so it’s essential that you meet them there as well.

If you have a website and make it visible online, you need to optimize it for search engines. But, if you want to create access to the customer base and get in front of them, social media platforms like TikTok are the way to go.

Your website and TikTok for your SEO strategy make a powerful impact on your business. With only 4% of businesses using TikTok, it’s high time that you use its platform. Stand out and stay ahead of your competitors.

Why TikTok?

What can TikTok do for my business? Of all social media platforms out there, why should I go for TikTok?

TikTok is giving its users the platform to express themselves in a creative way. It also gave brands the ideal avenue for ingenious product or service promotions.

Backlinko released its user statistics report. In 2020, 47.7% of TikTok users in the US are 10-29 years old. Meanwhile, 31.3% of their base users are 40 years old and up.

You can’t undermine TikTok’s search visibility as well. In January 2020, the majority of TikTok user accounts are now searchable via Google.

TikTok user content creators’ are now visible on search engines. Indexing and site backlinks have made them visible on Google. 

According to Search Engine Journal, Google is now indexing TikTok’s video content. This way, users can now search TikTok videos with ease.

Here’s another interesting highlight. In June 2020, TikTok launched its TikTok for Business platform. It allows small and big businesses to create engaging ads for their target audience.

So, are you ready to increase your search rankings? Here are 5 practical TikTok SEO strategies you should start applying now:

Use hashtags for discoverability

Now that Google indexes TikTok’s user content videos, it’s wise to use hashtags as your primary keywords.

We all know how important keywords are when it comes to SEO. If you use relevant keywords, it increases your brand’s discoverability. 

To increase your visibility on TikTok, use popular hashtags suited to your offer. Include less used hashtags to target your audience. You can use this extensive list of trending TikTok hashtags as your guide to get you started.

It’s important to experiment if you want to grow your TikTok followers. Test your hashtags out until you get the ideal ones for your brand. 

Also, using long-tailed keywords as your hashtag optimizes your video content. It’s effective for your TikTok SEO strategy. You can use a keyword search tool such as SEMRush  to help you find the right keywords for your content.

Optimize and create engaging video content

Get creative with your content but be sure that it’s also optimized for search engines.

Your video content should only be 60 seconds long. So, make sure you already have a TikTok content strategy in place. 

Be mindful of the title and description of your videos. You may use long-tailed keywords in your description to make it informative. Long-tailed keywords optimize your video content.

It’s also important to note that your TikTok videos should be engaging, too. Open-ended questions encourage your audience to engage with your content. 

Browse through your profile and listen to what your audience says. Build customer loyalty by responding to comments with relevant information.

The majority of TikTok users look for entertainment. If you want to make your business relatable on the platform by getting in on the trend. Use some popular hashtags or trending background music for your video content.

Redirect your TikTok audience to your website

It would be a waste if you’ve built a good TikTok following without redirecting them to your website.

Your TikTok user account must not only include a short introduction about your business. Make your website visible to your audience, so don’t forget to include it in your profile.

A business website provides certainty to customers. Not only that, when you create a website funnel for your audience, you build your authority. Use your website funnel to understand how your audience interacts with your brand.

Cross-promote your video content

It’s important to cross-promote your video content in your TikTok SEO strategy. Don’t waste your number of followers on other social media networks.

If you’ve built a following on Twitter or Facebook, post your TikTok content there. Invite your followers to check out your TikTok video and encourage them to engage.

If you want to increase your traffic and build more followers on TikTok, cross-promotion is the way to go.

Use TikTok SEO analytics to understand your audience

As with any social media platform, analytics serves as your blueprint in business. TikTok analytics takes out the guesswork.

It provides in-depth information about your audience and their behavior. It shows which content gets the most interaction and the number of clicks and visits to your profile.

Key takeaway

Increasing your online presence as a business is inevitable. The consumers’ purchasing behavior will shift as more brick-and-mortar businesses put efforts online.

To stay on top of the game, you need to increase your online visibility. You will need an optimized website, a budding social media like TikTok, and an SEO strategy in place. 

Yet, SEO isn’t a quick fix for your business. An effective SEO strategy requires much A/B testing and many trials and errors on your end. It does take time, but you’ll reap the immense benefits of your SEO strategy in the end.


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