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SEO is a process that is made much more efficient and effective when the right tools are used. Here at SEO Hacker, we ensure that we have the best tools available. That means trying out new the latest tools and technology to see which one would fit best for our team.

Speaking of new tools, one of the tools that we have tried recently is Woorank, which is an SEO and website analysis tool that allows us to track down website rankings, and see how well are they performing. With features like advanced website reviews, competitive analysis, marketing checklist, keyword tool, and site crawl analysis, Woorank aims to bring in more versatility to our diverse variety of SEO tools.

Before we begin this review, we would like to invite you to try out Woorank by signing up for their free trial.

Starting with Woorank

Upon logging into Woorank, you can instantly create a review by simply entering the URL. You can choose between Advanced and Standard Review, with the former providing you with a more detailed report. The amount of Advanced Reviews that you can use is limited, while you can do an unlimited amount of standard reviews. Either way, both options are able to provide you with sufficient amount of data.

Woorank Main Page

Woorank also lists down the reviews that you have already done, along with their score, and options such as starting an Advanced Review, downloading a PDF, and download slides for your report. You also get to see the Woorank score of the website, which is their measurement of website performance, with 100 being the highest. Now that’s been covered, we can start by looking at the reviews.

Website Review

For the website reviews section, let us take a look in one of the reviews that we have done as a sample. The sample URL here is google.com, which has an 88 score at Woorank, which gives it a solid score indicative of good performance. Let’s click on that and begin viewing the review.

Woorank Review Google

Upon clicking the review, you immediately see the Woorank score, along with the options to refresh your review, download the report, or start an Advanced review. All of the data is displayed in a single page, which is why quick navigation buttons are present to make it easier to get through different sections. Let us look into each detail more closely.

Marketing Checklist

Woorank Marketing Checklist

The first section of the review is the Marketing Checklist, which is a list of actions that you can undertake to optimize your website. The checklist is personalized, which means that these steps are tailor-made for your website. You can also perform an internal review of one of the pages within your website, which would provide you with a similar amount of data and steps for individual pages within your website.


The second section of the website review is about the website’s SEO. This will help  you determine how search engine-friendly your website is by looking into key details. The first few segments of the SEO review tackles some of the basic details, such as title tag, meta description, Google preview, headings, and the Keywords Cloud. The Keywords Cloud shows you some of the keywords that are frequently used within the webpage, which helps with your keyword research efforts.

Woorank SEO 1

The next segment shows the Keyword Consistency, Alt Attribute, and the Discovered Pages. Keyword Consistency shows you some of the most frequent keywords entered by the users. Alt attributes refer to the alt text that helps search engines crawl on images. Discovered Pages refer to the number of bots that are able to discover your page, which helps increase its presence in search engines.

Woorank SEO 2

The next section shows Keyword Consistency, which shows the most frequently used keywords in the website, Alt Attributes, which help make your images present in search engines, and Discovered Pages, which is the amount of bots that access your page.

Woorank SEO 3

The next section reviews the links within your website. In-page links lists down all the links present in the website, while Broken Links track down links that need to be optimized. WWW Resolve ensures that your website can be accessed with or without the www. prefix.

Woorank SEO 4

The next section is the Robots.txt, XML Sitemap, Sitemaps Validity, and Underscored in the URLs. Robots.txt and XML Sitemap makes sure that the right pages are being indexed for search engines. Sitemaps Validity and Underscored in the URLs are indicators of webpage searchability, and makes it easier for crawlers to access these pages.

Woorank SEO 5

The last part of the SEO section is the Blocking Factors, Domain Registration, Blog, and Related Websites. Blocking Factors is a list of reasons that your website can be blocked or penalized by Google. Domain Registration shows the Domain age, and the date in which the domain would expire. The blog section check if a website has a blog section for posting content. Related websites show your competitors, and some statistics such as pages, backlinks, and their Woorank score.


The second main section of the review is the Mobile, which reviews the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Woorank Mobile 1

The first few parts are pretty straightforward, as you can view the mobile friendliness rating, mobile rendering on desktop and mobile, Touchscreen Readiness, Mobile Compatibility, and Font Size Legibility. Mobile SEO is now becoming bigger this 2018, and making sure that you website is ready for mobile ensures that your website is ready.

Woorank Mobile 2

The next three parts allow you to review your Mobile Viewport, Mobile Speed, and Mobile Frameworks. Once again, these are indicators that would help keep your website’s mobile friendliness in check.


The third section reviews the usability of your website, and is another look the some of the basic details of  your website. These  include the URL, Favicon, 404 page, Asset Minification, Compression, and Cacheability, and Language.

Woorank Usability 1

Scrolling down, you also get a list of related domains that are available to be acquired. Since we’re using Google as an example, most of the domains registered under their company, along with the typos, are completely taken. This is helpful for websites that are looking for related domains in different regions, or provide users with another way of being able to find your website.

Woorank Usability 2

The last two parts of this section includes Email Privacy and Trust Indicators. Email privacy looks for any email address that might be present within your website, which is a sound security measure. Trust indicators are indicators of how reliable the website is, and how safe it is for children to access it.

Woorank Usability 3


The Technologies section take a look at tools and other applications present in your website, along with details like server IP and document type. You also get some speed tips, which would help you optimize your website and improve the loading speed.

Woorank Technologies 1

This section would help you check if the tools that you are using in your website are active, and it does not affect the user experience.


Another common feature in most SEO tools and applications are link checkers. For Woorank, this tool tracks down the number of backlinks present, along with the backlinks score. You also get the number of referring domains. These are important link building statistics that help you know how effective your link building campaign is.

Woorank Backlinks


This section is about your website’s presence and activity on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. This shows you the amount of shared and posts related to your website.

Woorank Social 1

Woorank also checks for your website’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. You also get to view some details like number of followers and URLs.

Woorank Social 2

Woorank Social 3


The Local section is to check if your website is listed in any local directories near your area. This can be sites like Yelp and Foursquare, which provide the location, and the ability for users to post reviews. This is essential for local SEO, as it helps make it easier for users to know about your business.

Woorank Local 1


The last section of the review, this part shows the the amount of traffic that your website receives on a regular basis. Along with that, you are able to see the locations where traffic for your website is the highest. This is a handy feature that helps you optimize your website to cater to some of these locations, and know your audience more.

Woorank Visitors


With a quick and efficient process, Woorank is already one of the most reliable tools in our toolbox. This tool enables us to create detailed reviews that are easy to understand, which helps us determine the best steps to optimize different websites. This is one tool that we’d definitely recommend and use  regularly, crafting SEO reports can now be made in a few clicks.

Key Takeaway

Once again, we have found an SEO tool that delivers. Woorank is a handy tool to use, and its user-friendliness makes work quicker and more efficient. Finding a tool that does this much can be a challenge. Thankfully, Woorank is an affordable tool that helps you keep track of your website’s performance.

If you have questions about SEO tools or SEO in general. Leave a comment below and let’s talk.


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