2 Things to Avoid When Linkbuilding

Link BuildingLinks are an essential factor for the Search engine Optimization of your website. As I’ve pointed out in my previous entry, Links make up to almost 75% of your whole search engine optimization effect.

As SEO specialists, we always keep a keen eye on links. And we always try to accumulate and build links for our website. We find good, relevant and high quality sites to get or ask links from, then we do our stuff. But we should also know the things we have to avoid when we’re building links.

Don’t add yourself to a trash can

If the website’s full of crap – meaning it has lots of outbound links and it’s content ain’t too shabby, question it. Investigate further what the site’s about. Look at all the outbound links it points to. And using Yahoo’s tool for tracking inbound links, keep an eye out from where it’s links are coming from.

This way, you can immediately see the authority and reputation of the site and what you can get out of it. A trash can website won’t be any use to you. It’ll just be a waste of time.

Will it follow?

Links can be categorized into two technical factors: NoFollow and DoFollow. NoFollow links will get you nowhere as Google spider’s don’t follow where the link points to. If you’re building links, you don’t want to build up for NoFollows.

So here’s what you do: Download the plugins for FireFox such as SEObook’s SEO for Firefox or SEOMoz toolbar and activate the ‘highlight nofollow links’ tool to see if the website you’re building links from is giving out dofollow links.

Tips for Keeps: Linkbuilding is one of the most tasking work for an SEO specialist. Make sure you’re doing things right and you keep your eye out for these two things so as not to waste time.
You can check out our Linkbuilding Tutorial in order for you to know how exactly linkbuilding works.

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