5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately

5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important feature that enables improved website visibility and recognition online. Without it, you might as well stand on the street and yell at people to check out your website. However, SEO is a strategy that needs to be implemented the right way in order for it to provide the best results.

There is no doubt that you will find tips and guides online that will “teach” you how to take an advantage of SEO fast and easy. However, you shouldn’t believe everything you find on the Internet. In fact, there are ways to take an advantage of SEO, but Google loves nothing more than to punish those who try to cheat their way to the top of the rankings. Here is some SEO advice you should most definitely ignore.

More Keywords Means Higher Rankings

No, it doesn’t. As the matter of fact, trying to flood content with keywords will do quite the opposite of ranking it high. It will get banned from search engine altogether. Google has this algorithm that has cute and fuzzy update names like Panda, Penguin or Pigeon but don’t let these names fool you, they are nasty critters when it comes to punishing bad SEO techniques. Stuffing keywords in content will not only be ignored by

Stuffing keywords in content will not only be ignored by readers but will also be marked as spam by Google’s spiders. They can punish a website with low rankings or remove everything from search engine depending on the level of violation.

Social Media Is Irrelevant

Who needs social media when you can have content and keywords, right? Wrong! Social media is a powerful asset when it comes to promoting a website or content and improving SEO rating. However, many people use it the wrong way by repeatedly posting backlinks to their blogs or posts. This approach is considered as spam and you will get removed from a social network if you keep it up. Nevertheless, social media marketing campaigns can vastly improve visibility and SEO rankings, however only if done properly and efficiently.

You Don’t Need Fast Internet for a Blog

Wrong again! Having a blog is an effective way to promote content, attract an audience and improve visibility and SEO. By posting organic, fresh and interesting content relevant to some product, service or website on your blog, will help improve rankings in the long run. However, slow internet means a slow loading page, and if people hate anything these days, its sluggish web pages.

Furthermore, the success of your blog highly depends on viewers – if they get bored they will leave, and if they leave you to get no traffic, it’s that simple. So ask yourself this: “Should I test people’s patience, or should I look for fastest internet providers near me and increase my bandwidth speed?” The choice is easy -you should invest a little bit extra and give your audience a fast blog to enjoy.

You Can Use the Same Keyword More Than Once

No, you can’t! Using the same keyword more than once, especially on the same website, will actually hurt rankings and not improve them. As mentioned, Google updates their algorithm regularly and using a keyword repeatedly will be punished by lowering the website rank on their search engine. However, not all hope is lost, as you can still post good content and use long tail keywords instead of repeating the same one over and over.

There Is No Need for Fresh Content

That is a terrible advice. Of course, there is a need for fresh content! Having consistency and posting new and fresh content regularly not only improves rankings, but it’s on Google’s preferred list of approaches as well. Furthermore, don’t try to fool Google by changing the dates on old posts to make them appear fresh because those fluffy pandas and penguins are going to slap you silly with punishments.

Always make sure you have something new to post about and if you really need to recycle old content then add something fresh to it and make a comparison. For instance, “Bad things about using SEO the wrong way in 2015” and make it “The difference between bad things about using SEO the wrong way in 2015 and 2017”. Give your old content new life, not a new post date.

Key Takeaway

As you are well aware by now, the Internet is full of bad advice. However, there is also good advice, so don’t hesitate to seek it out. If you are going to fully utilize the potential of SEO, then make sure you do it properly.

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