SEO Hacker Roundup: Best SEO Articles of 2020

SEO Hacker Roundup: Best SEO Articles of 2020

2020 wasn’t the best year for most of us. A lot of businesses went under which led to a lot of clients from all industries churning. However, a great thing came about because of a crisis like the pandemic – business owners and entrepreneurs realized the importance of going digital, being accessible to all their audiences, and being able to cater to their clients without the need of having physical interaction. 

Through the help of you, our readers, SEO Hacker has been able to endure the difficult times brought by the pandemic. Additionally, this year has been full of experiments and updates that will affect the SEO industry in the years to come. Now that 2020 is coming to a close, let’s look back at the articles that you, our readers, have enjoyed reading the most:

How to Use Keyword Mapping for SEO

Using Keyword Stemming to Enhance your Organic Traffic

Keywords are still one of the most common inclusions in any SEO strategy, which makes keyword mapping all the more important. Through keyword mapping, SEOs can streamline and improve the efficiency of their strategies by organizing, assigning, and optimizing the best possible pages for a specific keyword/topic.

This is not a new strategy, but it is an underrated one where once properly done, SEOs can save more time and energy to invest in other ventures. 

Google Announces January 2020 Broad Core Update and the New Look Search Results Page

January started with a core update and a new (minor) design for the SERPs (search engine results pages). This meant a lot of volatility and movements in search rankings for most SEOs. 2020 started with a blast and a lot of SEOs had their work cut out for them and already set the tone for 2020 where a lot of changes and experiments were done to the search engine, primarily to Google.

Introducing Google Analytics 4: New Features and How to Set Up

introducing google analytics 4

Through Google Analytics 4 or GA4, Google aims to evolve the tool along with shifts in consumer behavior, the need for better use of analytics, and new data privacy regulations. Using the app+web property as a foundation, Google came out with GA4 where users can enjoy the following:

  • Smarter Marketing Insights using Machine Learning
  • Deeper Integration with Google Ads
  • Customer-Centric Measurements and Better Understanding of Customer Life Cycle
  • New Data Controls

How to Handle Pagination for SEO

Pagination is one of the trickiest problems that SEOs experience since improper optimization of paginations could lead to multiple pages being flagged as duplicates. A lot of SEOs assume that pagination is bad for SEO, which isn’t really the case. It’s more complicated than that since proper optimization of paginations could lead to some benefits. 

How to Optimize for Google News

Google news is a news aggregator feature by Google that was introduced back in 2002. Google News collates news articles from its list of verified websites and serves it to users based on their interests and location. It is available in more than 60 regions and 35 languages. Through Google News, users are able to access fresh local and worldwide news. This means that publishers and websites that primarily serve up-to-date news and current events need to know how to optimize for Google News to further reach new audiences.

How Digital Marketing Companies are Affected by COVID-19

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic has affected a lot of businesses and industries and Digital Marketing is one of them. Which is why we asked digital marketers around the world how the pandemic affected their businesses and what they’re doing to stay afloat in these difficult times.

How to Get in Google News

The earlier mentioned article where we teach you how to optimize for Google News involves your website already being eligible for the news aggregator. In this article, we discussed how publishing and news websites are able to gain the eligibility to enter Google News and have their articles enjoyed by a wider audience-base.

Key Takeaway

Now that we’re entering 2021 and things are looking brighter than ever – I have no doubt in my mind that a lot more businesses will look into venturing into the digital industry. Which is why I still commit myself to producing high-quality, informative, helpful articles for all our readers. Hopefully, SEO Hacker is your go-to blog for all your SEO questions and resources. We thank you for a slightly rocky year that was filled with innovations and new learnings!

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