How we Increased our Return Visits through Push Notifications


We love return visits. That means that people actually care about what we have to say. That means people are getting familiar about who we are. That means that you’re doing your job as a digital marketer. That means more user activity which leads to better rankings. That means more leads. Better leads. And we all know where the rainbow leads, right?

To the pot of gold.

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4 Things You Should Blog About to Gain Client’s Trust

What Bloggers Should Blog About

Whenever I browse random websites, I always find myself staying a bit longer on those that have astonishing design. It didn’t surprise me at all to find out that most of them are web design firms. It’s their way of saying they’re the best in designing, subtly urging you to hire them to renovate your site.

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15 Tips for a High-Performance Blog

Blogs make for great reading because bloggers tend to be individuals or companies blogging unbiased content. That makes for a refreshing read compared to advertising-backed publishers, sponsored writing, unjustifiable opinions, and scores of other nuances that make even long-term, respectable publishers dwarf in comparison to trust.

For a blog to reach this stage of “dumbing down what the big publishers claim,” there’s a long way to go. Here are some tips to make your blog stay on the high-performance circuit.

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The Best Ways to Accelerate Your Expertise

It’s obvious that this is my favorite topic – how to help newbies get on the right track. The trickiest part, as I’ve noticed, always concern about upgrading and/or improving expertise. Sure, everyone starts from basic. But if your learning rate is pretty steep, you won’t get anywhere great for a long time.

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3 Ways to Strike an Impact to Your Readers

The web is a congested cyber jungle. Whenever someone is looking at your blog, the odds are he/she isn’t devoting full attention to you (never have, never will). While someone is reading (or skimming) through your posts, a lot of other websites and applications too are competing with that short attention. And unless you own Facebook, you probably have to make the make do with a 1-minute page view visit.

So now we have the problem – attention span.

Readers (hint: that’s us) don’t have much luxury when it comes to time, and certainly not when we’re online. But as people who run and go through lengths to write long, meaningful posts, we definitely want to make the most possible impact out of that short attention we’re bound to have.

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