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SEO Competitive Analysis is one of the things that you should keep in mind when monitoring your efforts for a client. After all, it would be hard to prescribe optimization to a website when you don’t know who you are stacking up against, right? I can also say the same about social media marketing, which greatly involves a keen eye on trends and engagements.

Monitoring your competitors can be a difficult task especially if you take note of the time you are going to spend sifting through their sites one by one. Fortunately, you can have tools such as which does the job for you. A marketing strategy is only as good as how it is going to beat out the competitor so having this tool at your disposal will greatly help you in your marketing efforts.

Read more about this nifty tool below!

Getting Started

competitors app

Competitors app is specifically designed to help you monitor your competitors’ marketing actions in just 5 minutes per week. Saves a lot of your time, right?

You may know Razvan Girmacea as the CEO of Monitor Backlinks but now he has moved on to be the man behind I have previously written about his startup concerning links and I have to say that the Monitor Backlinks tool has definitely served its purpose for our SEO strategies so it is exciting to see another tool from Razvan’s team.

To get started, you would be asked to input your domain name, blog site as well as your social media handles.

create account

It is also important to note that the tool asks for the set of keywords that you are targeting for your site. Keep this in mind because we are going to tackle this again later.

It’s actually pretty easy to use and it even automatically fills in data for you (although not every time). After inserting your domain name and other values, you are now going to move on to your competition. Using your competition’s online presence against them is what makes ingenious compared to its counterparts.

competitor getting started

Also, having to monitor your competitor’s marketing strategy in one platform can save you a lot of time. That time can now be spent strategizing and re-structuring your present brand strategy to give you an edge over the rest.


website feature

Part of knowing how your competitors improve their marketing efforts is to see how they make changes to their site. On top of this, the app also highlights SEO changes like meta-tags, headers, titles, and keyword rankings.

Detecting website changes, as well as SEO elements, would make it easier for you to be on top of competitor movements since you can see it all in one platform. The website monitoring feature will track design and code changes together with new pages.

dashboard competitors app

Aside from its visibility in the timeline, you can also see these in the app’s dashboard. I would also like to include the new competitor detection feature since it also talks about how your competitor fares against you in terms of keyword changes.

Social Media

competitors dashboard

Social media is a bit loud what with many channels sprouting from anywhere. It would be a hassle if you would constantly visit your competitors’ social media every chance you get. Also, it would make you vulnerable to miss out on how they are growing in their social media activity. With Competitors app, you can incorporate everything in one place without the need to shuttle back and forth your competitors’ social channels.

competitors app timeline

You can closely monitor their new posts and their Facebook Ads as well. The tool can measure engagement and followers across your competitors’ blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter which can help you come up with a better content marketing strategy than your competition.


email feature sees to it that you are notified each time a website or a social media page is changed so this is a plus for them. They send out emails every time your competitor is making a move so you can turn this into actionable data for your business. Having updates like these would help you think on your feet because everyone needs a reminder to stay competitive at times.

Key Takeaway

All in all, the app has room for improvement in terms of UX and overall site design but apart from that, I encourage you guys to try out the tool since it is a hardworking one in terms of alerts, benchmarking, competing product analysis, keyword tracking, social media, and website monitoring, and trend analysis.

The hours you would burn on competition monitoring and gathering valuable insights are foreign once you try because its useful features do the job for you. Boosting traffic and rankings can come naturally for your business since your competitor analysis can be found in this handy platform. With this tool, you can generate killer content marketing strategies to knock out the competition.

Sign up here and let me know if you enjoyed using this app just like I did.

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