Why is Content Strategy Important?

Content Strategy

Content, content, content – aren’t you ever contented? The web today is a place where content is vast, and many, to an almost infinite degree. Even in SEO we argue that content is the way to go – and it is. If you want to keep it clean and strong for the long run.

This is part of a tutorial series entitled Content Strategy from SEO School where you can learn SEO that works.

Writing out content does not make a business. It does not make you rank in the search engines. It does not help people identify who you are as a brand. That’s where content strategy comes in.

Content strategy is the way you outline your content – giving it a purpose and an identity of its own. A content without a purpose is a messy one. A content without an identity will confuse your readers.

Content strategy deals with who you are, your target audience, your writing style, (or writing voice as some would prefer to call it), and your marketing strategy.

What do I mean?

Well, to give you a practical example, let’s take SEO Hacker’s content Strategy:

SEO Hacker’s Content strategy: Teaching. Tutorials, news (and how you can apply the news to your website), and more tutorials! This is our core content – this is who we are as a blog, as a company, as a publisher. This is our identity to our readers and this is the main purpose of this blog.

Our target audience: Learners. Webmasters. Web Developers. Entrepreneurs. All who want to rank in the search engine results page in the range of beginner – intermediate with minimal technical knowledge.

Our writing style: Clean, concise, straight-to-the point and extremely easy to comprehend.

Our Marketing Strategy: Promote it in Social Media, Promote it as we comment on other blogs, Promote it as a resource in other publisher’s website, Promote it anywhere and everywhere we can in the web! We don’t use cellphones or friends to promote it. We promote it in places where it matters.

All the while, we are building our Content Structure within an SEO mindset. No, our articles didn’t go to the first page of Google in 1 year – and we had to endure it. But it was all worth the wait – right now it takes 30 minutes to a day for a newly published article to be in the first page for its supposed target keywords / keyphrases.

How did we make our content rank?

That’s all dependent on our SEO strategy – which is built from solid content. After the content is built, we check its SEO friendliness by applying on-site optimization techniques. Then we hit the publish button.

What On Site optimization techniques did we use?

  • We optimized our Title tags for each and every post
  • We Made sure that each and every relevant keyword is interlinked with the proper article
  • We fixed each and every image to make sure that it has the proper keyword inside
  • And much more stuff!

We’ve outlined the best On Site Optimization Techniques in the SEO Course we’ve put up – where we teach all the On Site optimization techniques we use for each and every article and page we have in SEO Hacker.

 Tips for Keeps: Create an outline for your Content Strategy now!

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