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It’s already a well-accepted fact in the SEO industry that link building is one of the best tactics for improving a website’s organic search rankings. Link building as a tactic involves many strategies and executions that often overwhelm beginners. One such strategy that is vital to link building is prospecting. I’ve been building links to SEO Hacker for quite a while now and finding the perfect prospect for guest posting or simple outreach often still eludes me. But that’s not the case anymore.

Among the hundreds of tools available in the market, I’ve just found one of the best to assist in my link prospecting endeavors. Dibz is a tool created by the Four Dots company to help SEOs and webmasters around the world not waste their time looking for the perfect prospect. Here’s how they helped me maximize (and effectively lessen) the time I spend looking for prospects in the world wide web:

Dibz: One of the Best Link Prospecting Tools

Dibz is so easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll know how to navigate the ins and outs of this tool in no time. Here’s how to start:

Log in first and you’ll automatically be taken to the New Search dashboard:

Dibz Dashboard Screenshot

Click on the “Create a New Search” button and you’ll start with the specifics of creating your campaign. Fill up the name of your search, client (you should first create a client folder), campaign, and the keywords you wish to find prospects in. 

I used 3 keywords and followed their instructions on looking for guest blogging opportunities for the sake of giving a more accurate example.

Dibz Campaign Dashboard Screenshot

After filling out all the campaign details, you need to choose the type of research that Dibz will run. This is one of the best parts of Dibz since they automate one of the link prospecting processes that eat up a lot of our time. Another point is that they have multiple types of research to choose from. To line it up with the keywords I’ve already put in, I’ll choose Guest Blogging. You have to remember that Dibz isn’t just for guest blogging. You have the choice to look for websites that accept blog comments, forums, reviews, donations, giveaways, and many more. This is what it looks like:

Dibz Research Dashboard Screenshot

So, how does Dibz automate the link prospecting process? They do the searching for you. Historically, almost all SEOs I know that do their own link prospecting resort to the manual act of looking for them. But with Dibz, they do it for you – less hassle, less time wasted, greater prospects.

Dibz Operators Screenshot

The last step before Dibz finds the best prospects for you is to specify the scope of your search. Which language do you want Dibz to look for, the Domain Extension (.au, .uk, .es, and many more), depth, and any additional data you need. Do note that the descriptions of the following parameters can be found on the right side of the page.

Dibz Parameters Dashboard Screenshot

And there you have it! Dibz will begin displaying potential prospects which you can outreach to for guest blogging (and other opportunities)

Dibz results page screenshot

How Dibz Helps Your Link Building

Links still remain as one of the top-ranking factors without a doubt. But the thing with link building today is that it takes too much time. You spend half of your time prospecting and half of it doing the content and outreach. And sometimes, I spend so much time filtering the search results in Google that it takes some of the time I need for other tasks. 

I’ve mentioned how Dibz helps make my link prospecting process more efficient and more effective and I’m going to mention it again because Dibz is THAT GREAT. What took me multiple hours just to find the best prospect now takes me around 10-20 mins to find them which enables me to focus more on producing better content and other tasks that I have to do.

I also love that you can spend a few credits and it will show you important metrics about the prospects without having to go to other tools and manually check them one by one. Dibz is simple, it’s fast, and it’s easy to use and in link-building, you’ll need all the automation that you can to run a better and more efficient campaign. 

Key Takeaway

If there’s one thing all SEOs and webmasters can agree on – it’s that we do a lot of strategies and processes that take up too much of our time. Tools like Dibz are important for us since they’re the ones doing the work for us which allows us to allot all our time and effort in other strategies/processes. When I find tools like Dibz, I immediately get excited since the anticipation to do more and create more is an exhilarating and, oftentimes, an enjoyable feeling. So, I recommend you try out Dibz for yourself and experience how great of a tool it is. Do you have any questions? Comment them down below!

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