Getting Started with Taximail: Simplifying Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Being successful in business is all about building relationships and one way to do this is to delve into email marketing. The digital age evolves as we go along but you cannot deny that Email has a stronghold in their position as an effective communication tool.

Taximail recognizes this and this is why they make it a point to help businesses grow through email marketing. Our team at SEO Hacker decided to jump from one email marketing tool to Taximail because we have seen how powerful its features are after taking it for a test drive. Take a look at our comprehensive review here!

Why Email Marketing?

When it comes to online leads and conversions, nothing beats a simple email to reach your ROI. Oftentimes, we look at different digital marketing tactics for this goal but it is very important that we remember that we have email marketing at our disposal. Emails are a great way to reach out to your target market and it does not even matter what their demographic is, as long as they have access to an email account then everything should be in place.

Prospecting and nurturing leads can start with a great email marketing campaign. If you are providing insightful information for your market, having a campaign in place can be your best bet in making sure that you are reaching quality leads. Better yet, you can automate your email campaigns so you wouldn’t have to resort to the tedious task of making sure that the bulk of your subscribers receive your message.

Simply put, email marketing still works even if there are people who are skeptical of its business value. This is the same vision that Taximail has in encouraging businesses to drive their ROI forward.

Taximail for Growing Businesses

Transitioning to Taximail has been a great experience for SEO Hacker. We have seen how easy it is to start email marketing campaigns even for an email database of 1.8 million subscribers. Its user interface can be well-understood at a glance. The beauty of Taximail is that you don’t have to switch between apps to start your email marketing because they do it all for you.

Taximail hails from Bangkok, Thailand and it is led by founder, Phaiboon Trikanjananun who specializes in online campaigns and website development. His connections with professionals have validated the digital advertising age as a playing field for businesses. The face of Taximail recognized that email marketing is a flexible digital marketing tactic because it offers numerous benefits such as a trackable campaign and further enhancements to user experience as well.

The idea was to create an email marketing and automation solution that would be tailor-fit to businesses from SMEs to Enterprise-level companies. This is how Taximail was launched in 2012 and since then, they have built a large network of clients who trust that this email marketing platform can achieve great heights for them.

The team of email marketing experts promotes powerful email technology for Taximail client satisfaction, which allows clients to build simple email experiences with a powerful impact. Taximail is continually growing and this is why its clients continue to rave about their impactful platform and exceptional customer service.

Getting Started with Taximail

Three steps. That is all it takes to create a campaign. With many readily-available templates from their end, you can choose to drag and drop your details to get started with your email marketing campaign.

Here is a preview of getting started on the account:

taximail bp

Here is a quick preview of the features that they offer:

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Editor
  • Customization and Segmentation of Emails
  • Multi-Screen Resolution Test and Device Simulation Preview
  • Real-time Reports
  • Email Templates
  • Automated Email Marketing Tool
  • SMS Marketing Campaigns

With these features, you can also be assured that you can also import lists, do A/B Tests, and schedule sending of emails.

What I find the most useful in the app is its automation feature. Although they offer a lot of benefits for businesses, this is what I’m going to highlight here.

automation taximail

You can start by entering a trigger so your email marketing campaign can take off.

contact automation

Once you have determined how your contact should be counted through their activity, then you can start your email marketing campaign. Here is the list of actions that Taximail supports from their features:

add new action

Here is a sample of their pre-designed templates that you can choose from if you don’t want to start from scratch for your campaign. You can achieve the process in just a snap.

taximail template

Taximail gives you the freedom to choose between a template or inserting a code if you want to follow this for the design of your email campaign. If you are going to go with the former, then you are well on your way to a great email marketing campaign. You can just drag and drop the necessary elements for your email which saves you a lot of time in creating this campaign. 

template email

What’s next for Taximail?

Taximail is one of those apps that you have to try for yourself to see how it can significantly change the way you do things. It has helped the biggest companies in Thailand such as AIS Business, Bangkok Airways, Yves Rocher and many others. 

These companies enjoy the same benefits that 5,000 other companies experience with Taximail. And SEO Hacker is proud to be the one to bring Taximail here to the Philippines to help businesses engage better with their customers. 

Let me just end with this: whatever email marketing platform you have now, drop it. Taximail is one of the best partners you can have for your digital marketing efforts. 

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