Facebook Doesn’t Like Google + Project

Google Plus +

It’s pretty obvious that Google + is a threat to Facebook’s ever-growing base of users. The reason behind it is that Google + seems to be pretty much a Google version of a Facebook upgrade.

Well Facebook ain’t letting Google get their way that easy. What does Facebook have that Google doesn’t?


Data of your established Facebook friends, contact numbers, email addresses, etcetera. For Facebook and Google who already have established systems and working business models, data means users – and users means money.

Right now Google ‘owns’ most of the web. They’re the biggest player. And being the biggest player, you want a piece of everyone else’s pie. We all know that Google tried to go social more than once or twice. And failed.

The thing I love about Google is that they are not afraid to fail – even fail big. They still try to win. And this time, it certainly looks like Google is going to make it.

Now that the Google + Project is out for a limited amount of users, it has alarmed Facebook that Google might just eat up some of their share of the social network market. So what did they do?

They blocked the data

Facebook emailThere used to be an extension in Google Chrome named ‘Facebook Friend Exporter” that you can use to export your Facebook contact details – Name, Email Address, Phone number, etc…

That extension still exists. But it no longer works – because Facebook blocked it out.

In essence, Facebook blocked YOU out.

Yahoo even reports it in their Yahoo news.

But don’t worry because the author of the Facebook Friend Exporter Chome plugin promises a new version with a different design. He says it is currently undergoing deployment but you would have to do exports daily.

So now you can’t get your Facebook data using that extension. All this because they were afraid that their users might want their data, export it and import it to Google so that they could try Google +. It’s a pretty immature thing to do. But that’s that and you can’t really blame Facebook if they’re afraid of Google eating up a piece of the social network pie.

A company that has failed many times has more chances of getting it right the next time around. Facebook has all the reasons to be scared of the Google + Project.

There is a Way

You can still download your Facebook contacts by using the Yahoo Importer. This importer lets you download all your Facebook contacts into Yahoo if you click the Facebook icon. And from there, you can export your Facebook and Yahoo contacts to a CSV file (executable in Mircorsoft Excel) and voila! You’ve got your Facebook contacts with you.

If you’re looking to try Google + someday, you can simply import all your contacts from Yahoo and Facebook into your Google contacts by using that CSV file in Google’s importer. How?

Go to your Gmail account then on the upper left corner just below Mail, click on Contacts. A new left sidebar panel will appear and in it, you will see the Import Contacts option. Click on it and a pop-up will open for you to import any CSV file with your contacts in it.

I highly suggest that you export your Facebook data now before they block out Yahoo Importer too. It’s your data anyway – supposedly. Download it for backup or for future use. Things change and Facebook might not be a ‘Forever’ trend in the web.

For more information on how to further use Google plus, here is a Google plus tutorial outlined for you by Ana Hoffman from Trafficgenerationcafe – just so you know.

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  • The main reason why Google leads Facebook is that Google is well established and Facebook is still a minnow. Even if Google+ fails, Google won’t incur huge losses because it will cover all its monetary issues with other services like Adwords, Adsense etc. Facebook is just a Social Networking Website and is at par with Orkut, Buzz and Google+ while on the other hand Google is ‘Giant’. It can swallow Facebook as a whole just as Facebook did to other small social networking websites i.e. Myspace and Friendster with one successful launch or either ways. So, just wait and watch. This is the war of a Crocodile and a Frog ;)

    • Isn’t it interesting to see if the Frog would win?

  • Will you defect from Facebook in light of G+ ? My two cents: http://youtu.be/KwSANO2dC4A

    • Hey Andy,
      I personally would not – due to the fact that Facebook is tracked as a social signal by search engines right now. And my base of contacts are mostly in Facebook too – it’s also a working system. Why not stick with what works and test out what’s new? :)

  • A big coincidence to this whole fiasco is that Google has been Granted a Patent for Cross Domain Communication on July 12, 2011. The Patent covers import and export of data- So, should Facebook be Alarmed? http://patentsind.blogspot.com/2011/07/google-granted-patent-for-cross-domain.html

  • Jack

    Funny thing, some websites are made only to make fun of the battle between Facebook and Google+ , like this one here http://facebook-vs-google.net

  • Interesting times ahead…facebook are coining it in and google want a slice of the action……but can they get enough “real” subscribers.

    Is it time to be a google fanboy?

    • Hey Scoots,
      The way I see it is – what do you have to lose?
      If there’s nothing to lose anyway then why not try and invest some time in circles? We wouldn’t know how much it could affect our SEO someday. Social metrics are a powerful factor in SEO right now. We wouldn’t want to be left out if and when Google+ gets mixed into the social metric factor.

  • There’s a healthy competition between the great giants Facebook and Google plus. Before its launch there was a great buzz about Google Plus, which kept people anxious and anticipating it. It began with a reach of over 10 million active users, whereas Facebook is an established social networking website with a global reach of over 750 million as of 2011. However, Google has an edge over Facebook because with Google Plus you get other services like Adwords, Adsense, etc. But only time will tell who packs more muscle power!

  • Panzer Kumar

    It seems too amateur kinda article to me… But Beating Google head-on in any online dealing could prove tough and even impossible. Remember the old saying “All the roads Lead to Rome” while Today’s way of rewriting this Proverb would be “All the roads lead to Rome via Google” such established is what Google is… The best and almost the leader of online world(although this statement is true Google has some potential Rivals to say they are the only leader online) for instance Yahoo mail still seems far better(in terms of users and Business) better than Gmail(of course hot mail surpasses Both yahoo and Google). Yet Google Rules Online with little or No opposition as such Facebook cant make easy work with Google.(Google +) On the other Hands Facebook has already established itself as the Leading Social Media Site.. as Google is the king of Search Engines Face Book is the king of Social media for sure…
    In the end all i can say is Its a tough Clash(almost as if a “Clash of Titans” yet I as most Online user and as a Content writer (personally) use both Google + and Face book @the very moment I feel Facebook far useful than Google+ to me for i have few of my friends on Google + may be this could completely change.. Remember the days when Google took over Search Engine chair from its competitors in a very short time. Such is what Google is Capable of with its Well established algorithms ..

    Note: I am much amateur in SEO as i am just a Content writer so Experts who view my comment Pls give me Feedback and Reply…

  • Jennifer

    Have you guys heard the latest news?! FACEBOOK has “stolen” its features from Google Plus!! It’s unbelievable! Here’s a link


  • Suhaib Ilyasi

    Finally facebook owner Mark Elliot Zuckerberg found his new competitor and its 90% similar to his networking website.

  • Nashtalia

    oh the irony, there was this “myspace (back then when it was a friend-social network) vs facebook” thing. and facebook winning, now this G+ vs facebook, with G+ being a like facebook, but a slight upgrade. wouldn’t be surprise if G+ gets more traffic (social-network wise, when its done its beta) since most times people “Google” people to find posted public data on the internet.