What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Video Updates


What You Need To Know About Facebook’s New Video Updates


Video content on Social Media has been at an all-time high recently, with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram seeing a rise in the amount of video content from their users. This has led to numerous brands promoting their content through the use of video, which has proven to be effective in generating traffic and user interaction.

When it comes to Facebook, the popular social media platform has become one of the largest video platforms across the internet, with millions of views on a regular basis. In the past few months, more and more video content has been published on Facebook, with a good number of these videos becoming viral. The emergence of video on the platform has proven to be effective in generating reach and creating successful social media campaigns, which has led to numerous updates that aim to optimize quality and add more variety to what users can create and share.

Here are some of these updates coming to Facebook video:

Gamification and Poll Videos

With the prevalence of video content in the platform, one of the new updates about to be launched by Facebook aims to bring in more creativity to how video is done, and give it more functionality. This enhance functionality comes in the form of live video polls and gamification, which allows an improved level of interaction. Live poll videos allow users to vote on various questions and topics and see the results real time.

This can be used by brands and channels for their shows or major events and helps keep the audience interested by giving them the ability to interact real-time. Imagine being a part of an online game show, where picking the right results allow you to progress through the next set of questions and win prizes in the end, and getting incorrect answers means getting eliminated.

Facebook Live 2

On the other hand, live online polls allow you to vote for a variety of choices, such as picking what the hosts will be doing next in their live video or picking a certain personality to see which one is more popular. The update will be launched soon, with popular pages like Buzzfeed and INSIDER launching live shows that utilize and demonstrate the new features.

While these features have yet to be released, users who are interested in testing out the early access version can do so through registration.

Content Monetization and Pre-roll Ads

Another new feature that users that video content creators will find very beneficial are content monetization, which allows users to earn income from their videos through advertisements. This is similar to how YouTube users earn their income through their videos, which is one of the most popular ways to earn online. When users want to submit a video they want to have monetized, the video must first be evaluated by Facebook as a precautionary measure to ensure that it is fit for monetization, which can also be seen as a way to filter out offensive content that may not be suitable for younger audiences. With the number of active users on Facebook, allowing video content to be monetized on the platform is a bold step to making it into the largest video streaming site.

Facebook Live 3

Another new update that will be launched within the year will be Pre-roll video. This feature allows users to be able to view a short snippet of videos on Facebook, which helps generate interest and shows users a glimpse of content that they might want to view. This feature helps increase traffic by a significant amount, which improves your Facebook page visibility. With these two updates, it would not be a surprise to see more Facebook users utilizing the platform as their channel to create their videos.

How does this affect SEO and SMM

With the push to increase the amount of video content on Facebook, implementing a strategy that focuses on this is now more crucial than before. This means utilizing live video more when it comes to promoting the brand and the content to a wider audience and using the gamification features to create more interactions.

Facebook Live

These new features can also create more viral social media campaigns, which help generate a great amount of organic traffic that would prove beneficial for your website. Using relevant hashtags and keywords make these videos more searchable,  Along with more video content, it is best to practice mobile optimization, as most Facebook users access the platform using the mobile application on Android and iOS, which means that they would be viewing your website through their devices.

Key Takeaway

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, and with video content being optimized, it would not be surprising to see it going toe-to-toe against YouTube as the most popular video streaming platform as well. With these updates, expect more Facebook users to create their own video channels with the goal of getting monetized and becoming viral, which helps their brand grow.

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