Google adds Social Share to their Search Results

Google recent updates

In a recent move by Bing and Facebook to add the social giant’s Likes algorithm to the new personalized Bing search results, Google has reacted and made a move to further the game on social search.

Google has now included the number of shares from social network sites in their search results snippets as you can see in the picture below:

Google social share

Clicking on those shared by links will take you to the updates page where you can see all the sharing being done in real-time.

Google social updates

This is a move Google took in order to somehow show people they also care about social sharing – trying to make it matter. I don’t think that they would let it affect their algorithm though. It’s most probably just going to be added information on the search results.

Unlike Bing and Facebook’s tie-up in which your personalized search algorithm and rankings will be somewhat affected by the Facebook likes of your contacts, Google stands firm on their hold on the rankings without having any social network activity affecting it.

I think if you are more of a social network marketer SEO specialist, you’ll want to penetrate and capitalize on what Bing is doing coz that’s where they are consequently headed with what they are doing with Facebook. They are becoming more visual with the blended results and more social and engaging with the social network activity affecting their ranking algorithm (if personalized results are turned on).

SEO is getting more interesting, more social and more competitive.

Tips for Keeps: Watch out for Google’s next move regarding their up-coming social network site to go head-to-head with Facebook’s king-of-the-social-network-hill popularity. It might just revolutionize SEO again in a way we least expect – much like how Facebook and Bing is moving to change the search game right now.

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