Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

Google Analytics Tutorial

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can freely use to measure and improve your website. It deals with your visitors, user activity, dwell time metrics, incoming search terms, and what have you.

Thus far, we have compiled a series of tutorials for you to jump-start your use of Google Analytics:

A tutorial about how to install the Google Analytics Tracking code and how to understand the Dashboard data. Here we defined Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Pages / Visit,  Average Visit Duration, Bounce Rate and Percent of New Visits. This is critical to someone who is trying his hand with Google Analytics for the first time.

A tutorial on how to start with Goal Tracking in Google Analytics. Goals are important – your website has purposes that you want it to achieve – whether it’s for a user to contact you, or to subscribe to your email list, or to make a sale. Tracking these Goals are important. Knowing where users that achieved these Goals came from, is important. We explained how to set-up and understand Goals in Google Analytics. We also discussed about Exact Match, Head Match and Regular Expression Match and how you can utilize them for your website.

Events are important. When someone clicks your ‘contact-us’ page, when someone subscribes to your email list, or even when a person  clicks on a ‘play’ button in your video – those things are events that are executed by your users. Those things are important – they tell you whether your email newsletter form is better off on the sidebar or in-content. It tells you which of your articles or social profiles are getting more attention. Know how to set-up Events Tracking with Google Analytics in this tutorial.

Outbound links are a natural part of each and every website. A website cannot be a lone ranger. No website is an island. Your website has to have other partner sites, or at least other sources where it gets it’s information from. It makes your website more reputable, friendly (to other webmasters) and trustworthy. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to track your outbound links using Google Analytics and how it should appear in your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. All websites are capable of engaging its target audience. How do you know if your website is doing well in its user engagement? Time. In this Google Analytics Tutorial, we’ll discuss how you can set-up Goals that will help you track how many users are really engaged by your stuff, as they spend different amounts of their precious time going through it.

And it doesn’t stop there. There’s a whole new world to discover with Google Analytics and we will continue to add up to this list of tutorials as we go along.

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