Google Announces New Audience Solutions for AdWords

Google Announces New Audience Solutions for AdWords

Google has recently announced that ‘Similar Audiences’ are finally out and enabled for AdWords’ Search and Shopping Campaigns.

Google AdWords recently launched “similar audiences for Search and Shopping along with Customer Match for Shopping” with the goal of helping end-users make use of their own data to help them reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

Finding Similar Customers

The thing about Similar Audiences is that, like what has been stated above, built to help users reconnect them with the people who have been to their website in the past. This sounds similar to RLSA or Remarketing lists for search ads but the main difference is that the new feature was built to help users find people who share similar interests with their best customers as soon as they start looking or searching for products and services that the user offers.

The main purpose of this new feature is that when the user connects with customers that fit their needs, similar audiences actually empower the user to grow their business with newer and better opportunities.

Google notes in the same blog post/announcement that some companies have taken advantage of the new update. Here they are:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles increased their conversions by 22% using similar audiences for search.

John Deere, a leading figure in farming machinery reported a 300% increase in clickthrough rate after using similar audiences for search.

GameStop, a video game retailer reported that after using similar audiences for shopping, they found customers who were 30% more likely to buy from them.

These facts and figures were collected from

Customer Match now up for Shopping Campaigns

Google released “Customer Match for Shopping campaigns” globally which basically allows the user to start connecting with their most valuable customers as they shop on The new feature works like this: You let Google use your email lists and Customer Match basically empowers you to focus Shopping campaigns on your favored (i.e. VIP) customers. This entails previous purchasers, subscribers, members of your rewards program as well as store-only customers.

Essentially, the new feature allows the user to focus on their ‘bigger’ customers. Google’s example is that for example, you would like to connect with members of your rewards program. You simply take your ‘rewards program members email list’ which will in effect allow you to show them ads that are relevant to their shopping needs featuring the user’s latest styles or products.

Another concrete example from Google is ULTA Beauty which is a high-end beauty retailer. The company used Customer Match for Shopping which helped them improve their relationship and engagement with their online customers.

Key Takeaway

I’ve said this once and I will say it again a million more times – Google is really innovating everything about their products and services.  What this means is that whatever is considered ‘good practice’ today may not necessarily be what is considered correct tomorrow. The only constant is that good content will never be out of style.

I mainly wrote this post today to demonstrate how users can take advantage of AdWords’ new features but it is also very important to remember that good content writing, keeping your website running fast and smooth as well as taking advantage of your social media following is still the best way to go about all of this.

I’d love to hear from you, especially from those who manage businesses online. Do you think that these changes will greatly affect how you go about things? Let’s talk. I’m waiting for you in the comments section below!

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