Google App Now Shows “Trending News” Cards on Mobile

Google App Now Shows “Trending News” Cards on Mobile

I’ve been browsing Reddit a lot these days and a couple of hours ago, I stumbled upon what seems to be an update for the Google App – and several people have confirmed that this update is available for both the Android and iOS version of the Google App. Basically speaking, Google App now displays “Trending News” alongside the ever-present “Related Stories” carousel.

According to an Android-user on Reddit (that’s where I got the GIF, too), the cards are placed on top of everything else, including the “Related Stories” carousel but the best part about all of this is that it seems to be a system that learns the user’s search habits and adjusts the content they show based on the info that they gather from you.

If my observation is correct, then it means that the updated Google App will show you content that is both relevant to you as well as content that might interest you. Of course, this system is definitely far from perfect but it seems to be off to a good start. I’ve personally done a few searches of my own and this update seems to up for everyone so I encourage you to check it out if you own an Android or iOS device.

Of course, while these features are new, a lot of things remain the same. Everything in the Google app can be dismissed with a simple swipe to the left. You can also tap on the options button to select the “Finished with these cards” option.

A nifty feature is that if you click or tap on a Trending News entry, Google will instantly search for more content that is relevant to that topic.

Key Takeaway

Obviously, content is still king. While there are many changes that Google is churning out for their app as well as for their desktop version, the most consistent thing about all of this is that content is king and no one should ever feel that they are above it. Creating quality content should still be your chief focus especially if you want to be featured on the trending news cards on Google’s mobile app. This remains to true for “traditional” white-hat SEO and this will also be true for mobile search.

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