The Best Alternatives to Google Maps That Are Worth Trying

The Best Alternatives to Google Maps That Are Worth Trying

Google Maps has become the most popular location-based service app in the past few years, with millions of mobile devices possessing the highly effective app. The reason for its huge success lies in addressing one of the biggest needs that people have, which is navigation. Need to look for the nearest restaurant within your area? Ask Google Maps. Looking for important landmarks in the country you’re visiting? Take a look at Google Maps.

This simple yet very efficient app has helped put navigation apps in the mainstream and has led to numerous companies launching location-based services of their own. These apps have not only made navigation much easier but also provides other services such as ride-hailing and weather reports just to name a few. Here are some effective location-based service apps that are great alternatives to Google Maps.



When it comes to driving navigation apps, Waze is surely one of the most popular and effective apps available, as evidenced by its use by motorists across the world. All you have to do to start is to turn on your device GPS, input your destination point, and let the app guide you to the right path. Waze chooses the best route available and would automatically adjust should you miss a turn.

Waze Icons

Other than the actual navigation, users will also be able to be updated about the traffic conditions in real-time through the use of icons. These updates come from traffic authorities and fellow motorists, you would be able to know if there are some hazards and issues along the way. Simple yet effective, Waze is surely one app that would help get you to your destination safely, and even avoid a few traffic jams.


One of the most popular location-based service apps around, Foursquare is now divided into two apps, with the main app used for navigation, and one for social media sharing (Swarm). With that in mind, let’s take a look at the main app.


Foursquare became a popular platform for finding the nearest food and nightlife places near your area. To start, you can pick a category that shows a list of related places, or enter the name of the place in the search bar. After entering a keyword, you can view a list of places that might be of interest or different branches of the place you entered.

Foursquare Info

You can also use the Near Me search bar to bring up a map of places nearby. Each place has its own profile where you can view information such as address and business hours. You can also view reviews from fellow Foursquare users, helping you to know more about the location. Lastly, you can track the previous places that you have visited in the History section, providing you with a log of places that you have been to. Foursquare has gone a long way from what it was before and has surely become a quality navigation app users can enjoy.

Navigating using Google Maps requires you to be constantly connected to the internet, which can be a big issue when in an area with a poor internet connection. prevents this problem from becoming a hassle by providing the option to download offline maps to make sure you won’t get lost.


Using is pretty simple, as you would only need to enter the destination point and set up the starting point to begin your journey. You can use the search bar to find places you want to go to or press the discover button to see some recommendations that are closest to your area. Another important feature from is the Guides, which users can download to be able to view the recommended locations that locals go to in the area.

Mapsme Guide is a wonderful and simple alternative to Google Maps that provides solid functionality, and the ability to navigate even while offline.

Here WeGo

Another app that can be used for driving, Here WeGo is another app that uses GPS to track your location and look for the quickest and most efficient route possible. The interface is simpler compared to Waze, but its ability to track down the best routes is pretty similar.

Here WeGo

After entering the location, you have the option of choosing your way of traveling to the location, which can be driving, train, biking, or walking. You can also click locations on the map to instantly get directions to your destination. You also have the option of changing the map type from traffic, standard, and transit. This provides you with a more detailed look that helps you find places much better.

Here WeGo Routes

Like, you also have the option of downloading maps for offline use, which comes in handy for long trips to places without an internet connection. Overall, this is a reliable navigation app that helps you find all possible routes to your destination and get there on time.

Key Takeaway

Google Maps may still be the most popular navigation apps around, but these alternatives are able to provide diverse functionality and some handy little features that would make sure that you would be able to navigate safely and find the places you need to go.

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