How Google Search Console’s New Page Speed Report can Help Improve SEO

Google Search Console Soon to Launch Page Speed Report

Aside from podcasts showing up in the SERPs, Google I/O has another good news for SEOs around the world. They’re finally adding a Page Speed Report in Google Search Console. This is an awesome addition to the constantly improving features of Google Search Console and can definitely improve our lives as SEOs.

We all know that page speed is an important factor and we use a variety of tools to check and optimize our websites to make it faster and consequently give our visitors a better experience. However, details regarding specific pages don’t come up, or at least, we need to manually input them in the tool one by one. So, how can Search Console’s upcoming page speed report make our lives easier?


Page Speed Report

Photo from Ilya Grigorik’s tweet


A lot of SEOs and digital marketers attended this year’s Google I/O and they shared some photos. Here’s what it looks like:

Tweet from Kenichi Suzuki

How the Page Speed Report Help SEO

Much like other reports available in Google Search Console, users can use the Speed Report to check the performance of their site’s speed. The report is divided into 3 groups – namely, Slow, Average, and Fast. If they made this like the Index Coverage report, then it’s safe to believe that we’ll see the list of pages in each group while also enabling us to see and analyze issues with the listed pages.

This helps us SEOs know which pages need our time and attention and how we can better optimize them. The speed reports eliminate the need to use speed checking and diagnosing tools and it also helps us dive deeper on which pages Google considers “fast”, “slow”, and just “average”.

If you like to experiment, you can also use this valuable feature to learn if the changes you made to specific pages on your website is harmful or beneficial to its speed. You can monitor its performance in the report and you’ll already know if the experiment was successful after a few hours or days from the date of the implementation.

We can’t help but be excited about this announcement and Google has given us the chance to try it out before they roll it out. 


Key Takeaway

Google Search Console is one of the most important and vital tools we use as SEOs and constant improvements to this awesome tool are always welcome. It’s already safe to assume that this isn’t the last update we’ll experience and I’m excited what other features Google plans to integrate into Search Console.

What do you think about the upcoming Speed Report? Share your thoughts below!

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