JetOctopus Review: Faster SEO Audits

In the world of SEO, efficiency is the key. You need to have reliable tools to help you with your day-to-day activities or it will take you weeks before you optimize a single website. Luckily for us SEOs, we are in an industry where we have so many tools to choose from but there is one that particularly stands out because of how fast and good it can deliver. Let me introduce you to JetOctopus.

JetOctopus is a SaaS crawler and is the newest addition to the SEO Hacker Toolbox and it is arguably the fastest crawler in the market. It is easy to use and it allows you to crawl multiple websites simultaneously. JetOctopus is a powerful tool that can help you finish your SEO site audits twice as fast.

I had the opportunity to try out JetOctopus and here’s my review of the crawler.

Super Fast Crawling Speed

JetOctopus is a cloud-based crawler which means it crawls websites fast, REALLY fast. So far, of all the crawlers that I’ve used, JetOctopus is the fastest. It can crawl up to a rate of 200 pages per second which means it can crawl a 50,000-page website in5 minutes.

Usually, when I do an SEO audit, I plug in the website to the crawler and come back after an hour or so. With JetOctopus, after a few minutes, I received an email alert telling me that the crawl is done and I was really impressed by it.

The best part of it: it doesn’t use your computer’s memory. Since it is a cloud-based crawler, it doesn’t have to use your computer or laptop’s power to crawl websites which is really efficient especially if you are working on multiple projects at once.

User-Friendly Interface and Problem-Centric Dashboard

The user-interface of JetOctopus looks nice and simple. Even if you are not experienced in SEO, you can easily navigate through the different issues you have on your website. The dashboard gave me a quick overview of the size of the problem and immediately I knew where to start.

In the side menu, you can easily navigate through the different on-page SEO issues your website may have. Issues such as pages blocked from Google bot, pages with noindex, pages with no canonical tag, and duplicate page titles and subheadings. 

What stands out to me the most in this is the Speed report. Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors today. In just one look, you could check if important pages of your website are too slow.

I also absolutely love the number of filters you could choose from. It’s so easy to find the specific pages you want to optimize first.

Track Website Improvements through Compare Crawl

JetOctopus’ CompareCrawl feature allows you to compare two crawls that you did before. Which means you can track your progress in optimizing a website. It’s really useful especially for SEO reporting because I could easily show to my clients the impact of the work that we made and how well optimized their website is now.

Here’s a sample of a Compare Crawl that I did. I did an audit for a website where I found out that accidentally blocked a lot of important pages on their website using the Robots.txt file. After the second crawl, the number of crawled pages increased significantly (+227%). I also started doing some fixes so even though there were more pages crawled, it has fewer issues.

Content Analysis

The Content report allows you to easily identify the pages that Thin (less than 100 words) or Low Content Pages (less than 500 words). This is one of my favorite features as it allows me to list down the pages that need updating to make the most out of the content of the website. In this screenshot of the content dashboard, you could already see that this website has good content standing since the average words of pages on the website is more than a thousand.

Link Report

A good flow of PageRank is always a must when it comes to website structure and spreading link juice. In JetOctopus, there are two reports for links on your website: Internal Links and External Links.

Under these reports, you can see the number of internal links found inside your website and the number of outbound links that you have. This is important because you always have a good balance in between. If you are linking out to other websites more than you are linking inside your website, you’re giving out more link juice than you are receiving.

Log File Analyzer without Log Lines Limit

Log files register each request the web server receives. If you want to get SEO insights from logs, you’ll need to deal with heavy-data processing. JetOctopus precisely shows how any bot is crawling your pages, so you can optimize your site to increase organic visibility.

I was able to choose any period for analysis and then group data by day/week/month. You can track either how many times a bot was on your website or how many pages it crawled and overlap data from crawl report with logs insights to give you visualized insights of bots, end-users behavior. What I love the most about the log file analyzer is the Realtime Stream of Visits. I am able to access my logs instantly and I don’t have to wait for my files to be imported. It also supports Nginx, Cloudflare, and AWS.

Best Price in the Market

Compared to other SaaS crawlers out there, I could say that JetOctopus is one of the best crawlers that money can buy. There are no limits in the number of websites you crawl, just the number of pages in the websites you crawl. You could also get a customized package depending on your needs.

You could also integrate Google Search Console data with no additional charges that allow you to get a more in-depth crawl of your website and get more data. 

Final Verdict

I really love tools that deliver good results fast. I love that JetOctopus is able to give the data that I want without too much hassle, just a few clicks, wait for a few minutes, and all the data that I need is right there. No clutter and no distractions. If you are handling a lot of clients, you’ll definitely love JetOctopus.

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