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Creating backlinks can be a tricky business because it’s all about pursuing both quality and quantity. Link Builders are constantly looking for new ways on how to improve backlinks to improve their website’s ranking. There are different ways to do this ranging from the difficult to the time-consuming. Now, have you ever wondered if Google even notices your page despite having high-quality content?

Research shows that there are around 2 million blog posts written in a day. Some of the questions that you may ask yourself include “How does Google even recognize your content among those millions of articles being posted every day?” and  “How long does it take for Google to index your links to appear in their rankings?” Fortunately, we found a tool that could extend your efforts in pursuing better rankings in the shortest, most reasonable time possible.

What is Link Indexing?

Link indexing is the inclusion of your link into the Google’s database. If your backlinks aren’t being indexed, it’s likely that your search rankings will never be as high as you want it to be no matter how well made your content turns out to be. Getting your backlinks indexed is now critical to the rank improvement of any link building campaign.

Getting started on Link Indexing

With the use of LinkProcessor, you can easily input your backlinks and URLs and let them do their magic. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Copy and paste your backlinks into LinkProcessor’s easy to use online platform.
  2. Click on the “Upload” button and your links will go through LinkProcessor’s “3 Circles of Processing” which is comprised of crawling, indexing and link pushing.
  3. Sit back and relax. LinkProcessor fully automates the process after the first two steps!

LinkProcessor 1

LinkProcessor also has a feature that allows you to schedule each of your campaigns for up to 7 days to a maximum of 30 days using a simple drip feed submission.

LinkProcessor 2

Improved results in as early as 2 weeks

LinkProcessor 3

The Report Status Interface for projects

You can check back on your links in a week or two and see the difference. As an example, we witnessed an improvement in our rankings after trying out a seven-day drip feed submission. We now have 3 out of 5 of our keywords ranking on the first page from not being on the first page of Google at all. The two (2) remaining keywords are currently in a good spot on the second page and we’re confident that with the help of this tool as well as our SEO know-how, ranking in the first page is only a matter of time.

Setting and accomplishing your goals with LinkProcessor

According to their website, LinkProcessor can help you accomplish any and all of the following goals with relative ease:

  • Achieve a first page ranking
  • Increase the amount of leads your website brings in each month
  • Earn a higher first page ranking
  • Grow your website traffic

It’s good to know that this tool exists to extend our efforts in bringing our pages to the first page. However, as a Link Builder, it is important to know that this tool isn’t a miracle worker and it won’t magically rank your website in a day or two. One must always consider that before you even use this tool, your links must be built with relevant and high-quality content on a considerable amount of websites to assure that your pages sit comfortably at the top 10 of search engines.

Nonetheless, LinkProcessor is an extremely handy and easy-to-use tool for SEO practitioners both newbies and experts alike. It is definitely a big help in bringing your best backlinks forward and in increasing your website’s traffic in a reasonable amount of time.

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