A Look at the Newest Google Maps Features

A Look at the Newest Google Maps Features

Google Maps is one of the most reliable navigation apps around, allowing users to be able to travel to their destinations using the best route possible while being able to discover new places along the way. Recently, Google has announced a new set of upcoming updates to the popular navigation app, with the Explore button and Google Lens integrations being the most important of these updates.

While these updates are still being developed, Google has rolled out an update that would help make commuting and navigation much more comfortable and interactive. Here’s a look at some of these updates, and how it will help make commuting a much better experience.

Music Streaming Integration

Most commuters tend to listen to their favorite music while on the way to work or school and having to switch around music and navigation apps can tend to be a hassle. Google Maps solves this problem by allowing the integration of Spotify, which enables users to be able to access Spotify while using Google Maps.

Spotify Integration

Users can also link to Apple Music or Google Play Music as well, allowing you to be able to listen to your playlists instantly. While this may be a simple update, this is surely a welcome addition to Google Maps, as it is an update that enhances the user experience.

Google Assistant Integration

During your drive or commute, you might need to get to stopovers like convenience stores and gas stations along the way. In other navigation apps, looking for these stopovers means having to do another navigation trip, which means that you might have to reset your map to readjust.

Google Assistant

Google Maps solves this issue by integrating Google Assistant, along with a search menu, to be able to help users look for nearby locations along the way to their destination. For example, I want to look for the nearest gas stations along the way. I just have to say “look for the nearest gas stations” to Google Assistant, and the nearest gas stations would be highlighted on the map. Google Assistant aims to be the smartest AI assistant around and being integrated into one of Google’s most popular apps helps in enhancing its functionality even more.

Sharing Trip Progress

Share Trip Progress

Informing your friends, colleagues, or family on where you are during your trip is important, especially if you are running late, or have an emergency along the way. Google Maps allows this function by adding the Share Trip Progress button. Using this, users would be able to send in text messages emails to their contacts about how near they are to their destination.

Commute and Explore Tab

Initially announced as one of the upcoming updates, the Explore tab can now be viewed on Google Maps. This allows users to view the best nearby locations that are worth a look, like restaurants, gyms, and even landmarks and attractions. One list that you can instantly view from the get-go is the Foodie List, which is curated by Google Lists. This list shows you the best food places near the area, and be able to get directions, and even call for reservations and inquiries.

Commute Button Google Maps 1

To be able to do this before, you would have to do a Google search before going into Google Maps. Having this feature saves more time and allows more actions to be accomplished within a single app, which enhances the user experience much more. The commute tab allows users to view each route and mode of transportation going to their destination. This allows them to see the estimated time, along with routes that might have heavy traffic. This feature comes in very handy, as commuters would instantly be able to asses their options ahead of time.

Key Takeaway

Google Maps remains as one of the best navigation apps around, and with these new features, more functionality allows users to be able to do even more. Traveling and commuting is one of the most regular human actions, and for an app to be able to make this experience much better helps in many ways.

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