Why Google Assistant Can Be The Most Intelligent AI Assistant Yet

Why Google Assistant Can Be The Most Intelligent AI Assistant Yet

It is no secret that Google optimizes all of their services on a regular basis, with 2018 being a year that has been introducing another set of updates. Some of these updates include the implementation of infinite scrolling on Google mobile search, removing the “View Image” option, along with the addition of title tags on Google Images, and the addition of Google Speed in the next few months.

Another major Google service that will be receiving updates in the near future is Google Assistant, which is one of the best AI assistants currently available. While this app can already perform functions such as open applications, search for nearby locations, and respond to search queries, Google demonstrated what else it could possibly do in the future.

At the I/O Developer’s conference on May 8, 2018, Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented some of Google Assistant’s upcoming features. One of the most notable features is the ability to make a phone call, which was met with awe from the audience.

The video above shows how Google Assistant is able to converse in a casual manner similar to how a person will do. If you were to listen to their conversations, you may not even know that it is being done by an AI assistant. After the first demonstration, Pichai discussed how this is all done using a new technology called Google Duplex. While it might be still under research, with more testing done during the summer season, this shows Google’s willingness to develop their technology, and turn Assistant into perhaps the most intelligent AI assistant available.

Google Duplex: A look into the future of AI

With the announcement from Sundar Pichai, Google Duplex is an AI technology that aims to allow AI assistants to be able to perform natural conversations to accomplish specific tasks. These tasks can be booking a hotel room or setting up an appointment with a nearby hair salon. While still being relatively new, the AI system is being trained to handle more natural conversations in order to communicate much better.

When it comes to overall convenience, Google Duplex allows users and businesses to be able to accomplish basic day-to-day tasks much faster. These calls are being done without user supervision, which frees up more time to perform more important tasks. Another great thing about Google Duplex is that it would be able to create a clear line of communication, especially when it comes to language barriers. With further testing being done, expect Google Duplex to be a system that will be able to interact seamlessly with human communication, and accomplish tasks with full autonomy.

Other Updates

Along with the announcement of Google Duplex, Google Assistant will also be integrated into different Google services and receive new updates as well. One of them is the addition of Custom Routines, which enables users to program a set of actions that Google Assistant will perform after a specific voice prompt. These routines can be set at certain times as well. For example, when you say “good morning”, Google Assistant will respond by performing assigned tasks that you instructed, such as playing some music or even turn some lights as well.

Google Maps Update

Another update is the integration of Google Assistant into Google Maps, which will help users find nearby places, such as restaurants and business establishments. Users will also have a personalized set of recommendations based on their preference and review scores. The popular service will also be integrating Google Lens, which would help users look for important places using images and Street View, and navigate much better. This feature can also be used to integrate augmented reality as well, which can be used by local businesses to tap into possible customers.

Google News will also soon be powered by AI, allowing for more personalized choices, and provide the latest news stories to its users. Users would also be able to subscribe to over thousands of digital magazines and provide quality news articles.

SEO Implications

With the continued development of AI across different platforms, especially with digital assistants, search is indeed getting smarter for its users. We have discussed previously how voice search aims to become an integral part of SEO this 2018, and how phrased searches would make be more prominent on these types of inquiries. Google has also received a good amount of updates, which include semantic search to allow it to understand language much better and generate better results. With Google Assistant receiving new updates, expect voice search to grow more in the next few years.

Key Takeaway

Google Assistant looks to become the best AI assistant available through new features that make it smarter and more efficient with its process. These new updates will not only make Assistant more efficient but also help make our daily tasks and work much faster through accomplishing more tasks and generating quality results.

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