Optimizing your Videos for SEO in 2019

Optimizing your Videos for SEO in 2019

Video has become perhaps the most popular form of content on the internet, with social media and video streaming websites boasting high traffic numbers. With increasingly fast internet speed, and mobile becoming the platform of choice for browsing, video content has become more accessible to users worldwide.

This is evident in streaming sites like YouTube and Twitch, where videos about people playing games and vlog updates that chronicle everyday life and events have become a popular form of entertainment. In fact, it can be argued that online video has become more widespread than television nowadays, as streaming numbers tend to reach billions on a regular basis.

This makes doing video SEO more important than ever, as you would want to ensure that your videos remain searchable, allowing more views and traffic. With the abundance of choice becoming much wider, it is best to ensure that your videos would be the ones that show up more often. It can be a challenge to stand out amongst the millions of videos, but these tips would be able to help you give that much-needed boost that would drive more views.

Update older videos

A good first step in optimizing your videos for SEO is to take a look at your older video content. This would help you see what kinds of videos have been successful, along with videos that might be able to gain more traffic despite them being older. This means updating the title and description to include more searchable terms and keywords and even adding relevant links and tags that you might have missed out on before.

On YouTube, updating your video content is pretty simple to do as the editing system makes the process smooth and hassle-free. This is similar to updating older blogs to keep up with current content. While updating the videos themselves might not be an option, adding annotations and links to an update video would not only bring in new viewers but also lead them into newer content.

Optimize quality

One of the best reasons why people view content is because of how well-made they are. In YouTube, the videos that get the most views are from channels that commit to putting in quality in their production. This means having good audio and video quality, along with solid graphics and images. Creating quality videos is something that may not happen on the very first video but investing your time and effort would bring in better-looking videos that audiences would enjoy.

High Quality Video

While some people might think that you would need professional help to create quality videos, it can be done for much less, especially with much of the things that you need to know available on the internet. Content delivery is one of the most crucial elements of driving more views and traffic and making sure that you are able to refine it are ingredients for success.

Social Media Sharing and Live Video

Social media websites have become the best place to share content on the internet. From Twitter to Facebook, sharing content opens up more opportunities to expand your audience and drive more traffic into a website. Over the past few years, Facebook has been optimizing their website to become a more viable video platform, and that saw a rise in views and led to more users. Other than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also made video content more accessible in their platforms, with the latter introducing the new IGTV, which is a video platform somewhat similar to YouTube.


Live video has also become more popular, with mobile users having the ability to quickly set up videos in just a few minutes. This makes creating viral social media campaigns using video content a much easier task, allowing for more views and traffic overall. A lot of major brands have been making use of video content and taking a look at these would help you create quality videos, and also have an idea of what your audience would like to see in their videos.

Integrate them into the rest of your content

Blog content has always been one of the best ways to drive organic traffic, and this also means that integrating video content can be something that would help both of your platforms gain more traffic. Adding videos add a new dimension to your content, allowing users to learn more about a certain topic, or even bridge different topics together. Blogs and videos allow more users to discover new websites, allowing more traffic and building more potential connections that can prove to be beneficial.

Game Review and Video

A lot of users want more interactivity in their content and adding videos to give them another dimension while reading. For example, reading a video game review article also has a link to a review video, allowing you to get to analyze the topic from a different perspective. Along with optimizing the user experience, you would also be able more views to your videos, along with bringing in traffic for your articles.

Key Takeaway

Video content is going to become much bigger in 2019, and it is best to ensure that you would be ready to take advantage. With these steps, you would be able to create quality content that would drive more views and traffic to your websites and channels.

If you have questions and inquiries about video content or SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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