Having Problems with Content Creation? Here’s a Tool You Can Use to Change That – for Free!

Having Problems with Content Creation? Here’s a Tool You Can Use to Change That – for Free!

We’ve all experienced hitting a dead end when it comes to creating quality content – and of course, that is seriously frustrating. This has always been one of the most common obstacles for content marketers and determining which topics are popular as well as how to talk about them has always been difficult.

Promising to solve all of these problems is StoryBase, a tool that is committed to helping in the process of content generation by suggesting simple yet valuable insight which it derives from a multitude of complex data.

StoryBase is an easy-to-use tool that avoids providing overly complicated graphics and statistics by offering insights that “truly matter” – and do bear in mind that this is how the product itself is advertised on their website.

Fortunately, our in-house SEO-Hacker team was given the opportunity to try this tool out during our brainstorming sessions and after a few days of testing, here are our thoughts on StoryBase:


After logging-in to StoryBase, users are immediately welcomed by a clean, white dashboard asking them to enter their desired keyword.

It’s pretty straightforward and makes no attempt in directing users to other parts of the tool; personally, I think that this is important because one of the most common reasons people refuse to use SEO Tools is because they find them overly complicated.

A majority of the people who continue to use tools have either learned their tool completely or are SEO specialists who know how to handle tools. However, a sizable chunk of users which may also include a certain number of SEO specialists will prefer a simpler HUD. With that said, StoryBase is simple enough to be interesting but not too simple in that it cannot offer anything more valuable than just “simple” insight. StoryBase has an interface which SEO beginners, as well as long-time specialists, could easily appreciate.

For this example, we used the keyword “SEO Marketing” to discover what’s hot for our readers today.


The is the feature that sets StoryBase apart. It scrapes data from various sources on the internet and lists down the questions that majority of the people are asking. This feature is perfect in creating content that answers the most frequently asked questions on a particular topic.

In this case, direct questions on “What is SEO Marketing and its importance provides value for a lot of readers. Additionally, questions on how to make money on SEO Marketing seem to raise a few eyebrows for a number of people. Creating content that answers these type of questions will surely increase the chances of readership and shareability.

Creating content that answers these type of questions will surely increase the chances of readership and shareability – which is, after all, a good thing for content creators.


The next feature provides the top phrases associated and connected with our keyword. While Questions provides questions constructed from trends and data, the Phrases tab forms long tail keywords that people are usually searching for from our original keyword. This can provide some interesting insights into content generation.

Looking at the results, it seems that aside from our keyword itself, a good number of people are actually looking for “SEO Marketing Companies” – and now that we know, we can start creating content for the sole purpose of answering the need for the search term “SEO Marketing Companies”. Nifty, right?


This feature simply shows keywords that are, for lack of a better word, related to your query. These keywords are phrases that people usually associate with “SEO Marketing”.


Finally, here is the feature that introduces you to your target audience. Demographics allows you to get to know the basic characteristics of your audience from their age and gender. This is perfect especially when you’re having some problems with your Buyer’s Persona which is a common debacle content creators all over the world.

Based on the information that we can gather from the data, our key demographics also cover both males and females between the ages 45-54 years old with the numbers skewed towards the male category as opposed to the female category.

Though it is definitely noteworthy that the demographic of the ages between 35-44 is still significant enough to be considered as our main audience.

Using the data provided above, we can tailor fit the tone and writing style of our content for our intended audience.

Key Takeaway

It can be concluded that StoryBase is a pretty nifty tool that helps SEOs and Internet Marketers alike to determine the top questions asked by their audience depending on the topic. It’s a tool that pinpoints what to talk about, which questions to ask, and more importantly, who’s asking.

Determining these factors is definitely an asset in creating content.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that this is the ultimate content generation tool as there are more in-depth tools which can help you in the content generation process but it’s definitely a good complement for tools such as Buzzstream or Buzzsumo when generating the best content for your readers.


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