How to Rank High without using Google? Youtube SEO

youtube-seoSEO is one of the foremost, in demand services in our world today. That being a fact, there is now cut-throat competition in all of the search engines (especially the big three). How do you rank high without having to compete in Google, Bing and/or Yahoo? Answer: Youtube SEO.

A Neglected Factor

When you list down the most visited websites in our world today, you will find out that Google is still on the top spot – followed by Facebook and then Youtube. What does that tell you?

It tells you that Google is still the foremost search engine in the entire world. It also tells you that the internet is shifting from search to social – since the internet is a place for people and social interaction too (and yes, we are social creatures).

But what I want you to pay close attention to is site number 3 – Youtube. Always remember that Youtube is a Google-owned website.

Prioritizing Videos?

Notice how Youtube videos tend to always rank somewhere on top of your search results? Yep, they can beat down all the other ranks and get the best positions for a click-through in the search results. Youtube videos provide a different approach to information and so it cannot be compared to all the other web results – since most of those are text-based HTML pages.

So whenever there is cut-throat competition on a search term that you want to penetrate, always remember that video marketing in Youtube can just as well be the key to get your content up there. In fact there might be a better chance of getting your video in the first page of the search results than putting a webpage up there.

The Facts

Youtube, if you still don’t know it, is the second largest search engine around. Yes it beats even Yahoo and Bing. Searches happening in Youtube itself is more than what’s happening in all other search engines except for Google. That is how powerful and utilized it’s search engine is.

Other facts that are found out about Youtube is that:

  • We watched more Youtube videos on September (14.2 million) than we made Google search queries (10.6 million).
  • There are 1.5 million Business-Oriented search queries in Youtube every week
  • All videos will be transcribed, indexed and searchable in the near future (and we can see it in Google search results even now) which makes Youtube an even more powerful search engine.

The truth is, Youtube videos are here to stay – and it is definitely growing and growing (perhaps it could even replace TV someday). And it has it’s own search engine, and the videos are searchable in other search engines.

Tips for Keeps: Make sure you get ahead of the Youtube search game by making the most of your channels and optimizing it’s SEO factors. Video marketing is becoming bigger and bigger and it has a definite hold on SEO. Don’t lose out.

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