The start of Facebook SEO

Facebook SEOAs we all know, Facebook is fast catching up with it’s head-to-head traffic rank with Google as the world’s most visited website. And if you’re a frequent user of Facebook like me, I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Facebook has continually improved their search features.

It’s a no-brainer that Facebook will jump in the search game sooner or later. They are slowly redefining the web as we know it. They already have their own set of loyal users (around 120 million of us) who log in every day! And as we all know, all search engines are codes. And SEO practitioners better start giving time studying Facebook’s SEO if they want to be ahead of the game.

30-day timeline

Facebook has included in their search results 30 days worth of your people’s public Status updates, newsfeeds, photos, links, videos and notes. This includes pages of which you’re a fan of and of course, groups and applications. Again, let me emphasize the word ‘public’ because people now have the option to set their privacy controls, you cannot see the data that are from private accounts in the search results.

Regardless of whether or not you are friends or if the person is in your network, as long as the data is public, you will be able to find it using Facebook’s search feature. Ain’t that something? Do you smell SEO around the corner? I’m sure you do! It’ll just be a matter of time ‘til information about their search engine leaks out for SEO specialists out there to mingle with.

There will always be search

Just think, if Facebook would now change half of the web, wouldn’t they be big enough to dictate their own search? And if 120 million people now constantly log in to Facebook everyday, wouldn’t you say that those people might try to search for something there? Something about a talked-about restaurant perhaps? Or the new expansion of a video game?

If there is a lot of data, there will always be search. Facebook is a data giant – with all the ‘like-ing’ going on in the web. I’m pretty sure that Facebook SEO is going to be big soon.

Maybe that’s why Google is trying to build a social network too?

Tips for keeps: Keep an eye out for Facebook’s search function. Try searching for something everyday and see how it goes. You can also follow their blog for the latest updates about Facebook.

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