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If you didn’t know, I posted an entry about the state of SEO Hacker as an SEO company in the Philippines as well as the state of other SEO companies here in the Philippines. It’s a pretty long entry and at the bottom section of the post, I disclaimed that it was also an experiment I was running. Here are the results.

A Little Background

For quite some time, the keyphrase “SEO Company Philippines” is but a few inches short of the “Holy Grail” of SEO companies here in the Philippines. It is arguably the most competitive keyphrase due to the specificity of the term’s relevance. It doesn’t get much search volume but the individuals and/or companies who are searching for it have a very high chance translate into business.

Google Keywords Tool:
SEO Company Philippines GKT
Ubersuggest Tool:
SEO Company Philippines ubersuggest

2 Weeks of SEO Best Practices

That entry has long been in my mind but I didn’t want to compete yet for the term “SEO Company Philippines” because it is a highly competitive term (Although I did compete for the term ‘SEO Philippines‘ just to test out Google’s Freshness Algorithm back then). Although lately it has seen a decline in the number of queries, every SEO company here was groping to get to first page with that keyphrase. I spent my time focusing on less competitive terms but bring in as much traffic value. I also spent more time building our content, trust, authority, and online branding.

2 weeks ago, I figured it was time to finally write and publish that post. I wanted to see how soon I can compete with the term SEO Company Philippines. There were factors into play now that weren’t there a year before. Plus the latest Penguin roll-out put down a lot of competition to our site’s ranking advantage.

Some of the factors I looked into are:

  • Slightly increased weight in site speed
  • Google Freshness Algorithm
  • Social signal Validation
  • Dwell Time
  • On Site SEO best practices
  • Latent Semantic Mapping

I wouldn’t go to the intricate details of exactly why I was looking to these factors as I wrote out that article and published it. However I took note of the decreased effect of Google Freshness and the failure of Caffeine to put the most relevant indexed page up on the SERPs. My latest post about SEO companies in the Philippines didn’t show up when you typed the keywords in even with SEO Hacker in the query box. Weird.

It took some time for it to be prioritized over our SEO services page. So far here’s what’s happened:

Nowhere in First Page

Gave it a little more time. Then Voila!

Present Ranking for SEO Company Philippines

It took 2 long weeks for the post to get to the first page of the SERPs. Usually a post from the SEO Hacker blog ranks up in the SERPs in a span of 3 hours to a day. I’m assuming that it’s probably due to a faulty or unusually late prioritization of Caffeine on page/post relevancy in my site. In any case, I have a long way to go to make my mark with this keyphrase.

I’m still trying to monitor any further results or fluctuations that might happen. There’s the chance that Google is still undergoing that recent update that drove a number of webmasters to panic. Then again, I’m crossing my fingers that the rankings go further up.

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