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SEO Content augmentation is one of the tasks that can give blogs the boost that they need. The effort to change your content and promote its authority will gain results either for your rankings, traffic, or clicks. Marketers should know by now that content will help them achieve great heights, especially in their goal towards online visibility.

Great content will allow blogs to step up in times when users are searching for brands that are worthy of their time and attention. When I say great content, I’m not only talking about monotonous paragraphs with error-free sentences. Content needs to be enticing for people to read, something that they will receive value from. This is precisely what content augmentation can help you with. Read more about how you can do this below:

Insert Keywords as Seamlessly as Possible

Check your published content if you have inserted the keywords that you want to rank for as naturally as possible. It would be annoying to read an article that is stuffed with keywords that do not paint a reasonable context of what your content is about. Remember that you need your users to derive value from your content and keyword stuffing will prevent them from doing so. Integrate the keywords with fewer stop words between them but insert them seamlessly. With this, you should also eliminate whatever keyword cannibalization might be happening on your blog.

Repurposing Content

In order to attract the audience to your content, consider repurposing it to see how they’re going to engage with it. Text content still has a large potential to reach your audience with the information that they are seeking but for those who would prefer alternative channels for your content, consider making podcasts, infographics, video content or presentations. If you see that your text content is not making good traction based on traffic, rankings, or clicks then repurpose it into something that your audience will appreciate more. For an example of how you can repurpose your content, check out this infographic that we have recently done for our client.


Check Internal Links

Internal links are one of the most neglected elements of SEO. It is part of the best practices for optimization because it does work in boosting your content’s authority. Maintaining a healthy link profile also includes the internal links you have on your site. If you wouldn’t link to your content, don’t expect other sources to link to it. There are instances when the post you publish doesn’t have internal links which will hurt its SEO.

When this happens, what you can do is make a database of all your internal links then collate all of this in a spreadsheet then backtrack from your most foundational landing pages and recent blog posts by date then interlink to the most interesting anchor texts that you have. With the most interesting anchor texts, you should choose those that have the potential to trigger user questions, those selections in your content that need further explanations. This is how internal links will work for you, it will increase user on-page time which is a great boost to your site.

Rack Up the Word Count

Word count is not at all relevant in addressing the quality of content and its faithfulness to search intent. But when it comes to staying ahead of the competition, you would also need to rack up the word count if you see that the search engine honors long-form content for that type of query or a more concise type of format then it’s best that you augment your content to fulfill this requirement.

It is important that you do rank profiling for this, meaning you look at your competitors in the search and see what would work in order for you to stay competitive. The options you have are simple: either add up to the word count or trim it down. As you may well know, lengthy content does not exactly correlate to quality so if you need to trim the words down in order to make way for more elements to your page, then do it.

Augmented Title Tags

When it comes to title tags, this is what you should always remember: never dilute your title tags. This means bombarding your title tags with other terms that do not exactly help build the relevance of these tags. Those terms include brand names, keyword variations, and category names irrelevant to the product title tag. Title tags can increase your click-through-rate at a dramatic pace and it also makes you an attractive result in the search engine pages.

Results of Content Augmentation

If you are curious to know what results you can get from content augmentation, check out how it worked for our clients.

Google Analytics Organic Traffic Increase

Content augmentation has helped in improving the visibility of this page and it even became a featured snippet for a very difficult keyword:

vitamins for adults snippet

Before we augmented the content, the page was not doing well in terms of organic traffic. But following the tips found here, we have seen great results from it. It amounted to 46.49% of the traffic for the page, and it is still climbing up in terms of traffic.

vitamins for adults

Content Augmentation for Ranking Increase

Sometimes SEO content augmentation is as easy as improving your content to better serve the intent of the keyword you are targeting for it. With this landing page, we checked the internal links and inserted these into the page. Next, we also did extensive research on what information would be most viable for this type of page. Here is the result:


Key Takeaway

Augmenting your content can help you gain a lot of results for your blogs. Maximize your SEO efforts with this content strategy. Do not let your content go to rest, work on it as long as you are not getting maximum results. This is a great reminder to continue being productive because slowing down your digital marketing efforts will not be beneficial for you. The results are apparent once you integrate this strategy for yourself. Try it and I would like to know your thoughts about augmentation in the comments section below.

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