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The Best of 2013

Time flies. It’s the end of the year. We are way past the Mayan calendar’s doomsday date and we’re still kickin’. So let’s pour the champagne, lift up our glasses and watch the fireworks greet the new year. Looking back, 2013 has been an awesome year for SEO Hacker. Here’s the rewind on the best of what we’ve written this year:

1) Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

This is a 5-part Google Analytics tutorial series – from installing the tracking code, to goal and events tracking, to tracking outbound links.This is all you’ll need to make Google Analytics work for you.

Content Marketing TutorialThis is our (still unfinished) 11 part tutorial series on starting out on content marketing. We tackled writing powerful outlines, targeting your keywords, user-friendly content formatting, increasing subscriptions, etc. Content marketing has always been my weapon of choice in SEO. There’s a reason behind that. Breaking Down Content Marketing will help you find it out!

3) The New SEO Era: 5 New Grounds to Avoid Extinction


So you’re into SEO? That’s awesome! I’m sure you know by now how fast the landscape changes. It used to be about meta tags, then it became about links, then social signals, then site speed, then this, then that. So what’s the face of the new SEO era? Check it out in this entry.

4) Co-Author Rank: Centering Rankings on the Best of the Web

Behold AuthorRank

AuthorRank is an awesome way of filtering crap content made by fly-by-night authors from the good stuff. Co-AuthorRank is simply the combined authority of 2 authors in one article. It might just be the next step of filtering which content is better based on both authorship histories.

5) Ultimate Guide to Site Speed Optimization Faster Site Speed

Improving site speed may seem a daunting task. It is not. This 4-part tutorial series on site speed optimization will make sure that you get your load speed improved by at least 40%. Site speed doesn’t just help your users love your site because it’s blazing fast, it also helps search engines love your site too!


6) Why Schema is the Future of On-Site SEO

Schema takes your webpage and structures it in a way that the data is understood completely by the search engines. Isn’t it obvious that if Schema can do that, then Google will tend to give more attention to pages with Schema tags intact? Know why you need Schema and what you can do to implement it in your site.


7) The Honest, Shocking Truth Behind Our $1,250+ / Month SEO Pricing

Shocked Face

Lots of people local and abroad ask me why we charge differently from other Philippine SEO companies. In this entry, we’ve outlined some of the major differences we have from other SEO companies. Processes such as how we do on site SEO, Linkbuilding, Google Analytics reports, etc.


 8) 5 Things I Love about Google Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin

Lots of posts about why Google Panda and Google Penguin is nasty and what it did to their site rankings. Here are 5 reasons that might just help you see these updates in a different light.


 9) Learn SEO via Bite-Sized Powerpoint Lessons

SEO Hacker School

Learning SEO can be easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time trying to make your SEO work. There’s a place that will help you know what works, what doesn’t and why. There are multiple case studies, videos and beautifully designed Powerpoint lessons to learn from. Check out our 2 free Powerpoint SEO lessons in this entry!


 10) 15 Important Lessons I Learned as an SEO Start-up

Perhaps one of my most powerful entries of the year. Here’s the squeezed up lessons of what I’ve learned so far in starting up SEO Hacker. 15 honest, no-holds-barred pointers for you to learn from if you’re managing your own SEO team or you’re planning to start your own SEO company.

2014 Here we Come!

There will be tons of changes with SEO Hacker next year. You can find all about it here, here and here. Most of the improvements we’re going to make has to do with internal and back-end. I’m extremely excited! And you know what?

We owe it all to you!

Thanks for being such an awesome reader and a wonderful part of our humble community!

Here’s to an awesome year ahead!

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