SEO Hacker in MorCon 2012

SEO Hacker Morcon

It’s been a crazy, wacky, fun-filled weekend for the SEO Hacker team. We traveled to Bataan with the rest of the members and other guests in an attempt to learn more about SEO in that conference.

It was also an exhausting and tiring schedule as the bus was set to leave 6am from Roxas Blvd. The sessions immediately started after checking in the rooms. Crazy.

MorCon 2012 was a 15-speaker event (me included). We were given a partitioned 30 minutes to tackle our topics.

Sean Si Speaking

This is me speaking. And yes, that slide (out of all the 79 slides) was ironically the perfect one to be shot by Jayson Baguio. If you’re wondering what it says, check out my deck below:

My topic was about Emotional Outreach: How to Direct your Content Marketing to Effective Branding and SEO. I embedded my slides here so you can check ’em out. I finished this presentation in 15 short minutes. I was hoping for a handful of questions for my latter 15 minutes but none came up. Guess my presentation was either too good or too empty.

Seriously, aside from the fun, MorCon 2012 was a lot of learnings for me and my team. The presentations were littered with experiences, tests, case studies, tips, tricks, info, etc.
Also, just to help improve the next one, I think the best things to improve in MorCon  is:
  1. The delivery of the speakers – which can be developed through practice
  2. The days of the conference – I think it should be expanded to 3-4 days when there are 15 presentations
  3. Time Control – if a speaker is limited to 30 minutes, limit it to 30 minutes or at most, a 5 minute grace extension
SEO Hacker Team
Things we learned as a Team:
  • A bus ride that leaves at 6am will leave you really sleepy for sessions
  • The best business ideas can come up in team building activities
  • A lot of SEO strategies and secrets come out on the late night ‘socializing’ (drinking) sessions
  • There’s more to each individual person than what we already know
  • We can always trust each other’s goodwill and opinion especially when playing Mafia
  • Never ever let your guard down when Vince is your roommate

By the way, if you’re interested in joining the SEO Hacker team, click here to send us your resume.

For some of my teammates, this is the first time they’ve heard me speak and the first time they’ve experienced an SEO conference. Welcome to the club!

For the veterans, they’ve learned quite a lot and hopefully met a lot of other SEO hustlers in the conference.

MorCon Peepz

And of course, the best things in all conferences I’ve attended will be getting to see my good friend and co-SEO blogger, Jason Acidre. It’s always a lot of intense fun exchanging ideas with this guy. Which reminds me, we’ll be co-authoring a solid, extreme SEO blog entry soon.

Sean Si and Jason Acidre

We’ll let you know.

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