Link Building Strategies: What is Link building?

Link BuildingIt’s not everyday that you get a tutorial for link building right at your Email or Facebook inbox as I deliver to you guys. As we start with the link building tutorial series, I’d like to first clarify for those who don’t already know: “what the heck is link building“?

Link building is simply the process of getting links to your websites (or what we call inbound links or backlinks) from other websites.

Links have always been an essential part of the internet and the web. It’s how we move from one information to another whether it is trivial, factual, scientifical, opinionated, etc. Links are also a big factor of how Google ranks you.

Look at it this way: I love to read articles from Brian Clark of Copyblogger. I love his work so much that whenever someone asks me for blogging or copywriting tips, I always point them out to his website. I refer him.

And since you trust me as a friend, I have authority and a fixed reputation over your life. Therefore you will take my advice about Brian Clark and go to him for copyblogging tips.

Links are the medium of referrals in the internet. It’s how reputation and authority is passed on. Link building is merely getting more of those ‘referrals’ into your website so Google will see you as an authoritative and reputable site.

Links help the business to reach its short and long term goals. The more links you get from other websites, the more people can see your content/page (especially if the websites that linked to you have a huge social following and/or subscribers).

If your goal is to increase social followers through providing useful and high quality content on your blog, you can achieve it through having your links placed on top authority blogs/websites where your target social followers are engaging.

Links improve branding efforts. As I mentioned earlier, I always link to Brian Clark’s website when I know that his articles are relevant to my blog posts. By continuously doing this, I was able to get his website in front of my audience and therefore, allows CopyBlogger to be seen by other groups that he may not be targeting. The main point is that the more links are placed on other websites/blogs, the higher the chance that your brand can be brought into different groups where your customers are included.

So next time you want to link to us, please don’t hesitate. And of course, if there’s anything we can do for you, just ask.

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